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Pantone Formula Guide vs Pantone TPG Guide USAGE

Pantone Formula Guide vs Pantone TPG Guide USAGE

You must have heard about the Pantone formula and TPG color guide for variety of printing purposes and color matching. But do you know actually know what they are all about and how their function, so here we’ve covered every aspect of Pantone formula and TPG color guide for you.

What is Pantone TPG?

In case you don’t know, the term ‘Pantone’ itself refers to the system for matching colors. And the term TPG stands for ‘Textile Paper Green’, that helps in determining the colors of home interiors and it offers colors for both paper as well as fabric. And the green is associated with accreditation that lead and chromium content of the TPX products have been removed to create an environment-friendly product.

The Pantone TPG guide from Design info provides a total of 2,310 colors that are systematised in a jovial format making it vastly easy to use. For better identification; each color in a book is referenced using a corresponding name and number

Also to that, this guide can be used for stuff related to textiles, fashion accessories, cosmetics, leather goods as well as ceramics.

The latest one ‘TPG’ is the best one in the market as it uses the eco-friendly technique to offer best of it to the potential consumers without compromising in health aspects.

The other one that is TPX; it is basically a color from the extended range system, launched in 2003. Though TPG and TPX colors are the same, but the latest TPG provides the same experience in health and eco-friendly manner.

You can get one for yourself from Design Info at the attractive price range. Pantone TPG Guide is used in the Fashion, Home & Interiors industry, Paints industry, yarns, fibres, etc.

Now that we’ve covered ‘What is Pantone TPG product’, let’s talk about its functioning and how it works?

How does the Pantone formula guide work?

For instance, a graphic designer is looking to design an identity package and went through Pantone TPG color guide and she came up with a red color she likes. Pantone FOrmula Guide is used for all graphic purposes.

Now that she likes the color say Pantone 199 Red, it’s perfect for the client and will be utilized as the primary color for the branding such as fashion accessories etc. Now that the designer has specified the designing and color for the accessory > the client is satisfied with design and color > now the designer sends the job along the printer that includes Pantone TPG guide for exact color reference.

The first half is done, now the printer looks up the color the designer specified (Pantone 199 red), and allocate that color for the job > Now the operator of the job will find that color and use the mixing formula specified in Pantone guide > then operator will take the required amount of Pantone inks to mix them together to get the desired color by following the Pantone formula guide.

The resultant output will be color consistent as Pantone matching system guarantees the same.

You can also buy the Pantone formula guide from Design Info.

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