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Pantone Color Guide for Commercial Printing Process – One Step Ahead

Commercial Pantone Textile Printing with Color Guides

If you are a graphic designer, then each time you try to create a unique design you need to keep in mind which color to consider. This mainly because of the price of the color. The more color you use in your design the higher will be the budget. For example, if you are drawing an image you can use 4 colors, but if it is a special case, you need to use the Pantone formula guide to make your design look exclusive. If your budget is high, then you can consider using 4 colors as well as Pantone to make the final output stand out of others. But, if you have a tight budget, you can only choose Pantone such as Duotone, Monotone, Quadtrone or Tritone color to make your design appreciable.

What is Pantone?

Pantone is nothing but a color system that is considered as a standardized system which is a full match system that is used for matching and organizing colors. This helps you to ensure that colors will match always between two or more designs regardless of distance and time between them.

In the Pantone system, you will find more than 1100 colors which can be used either independently or by combining another Pantone color. You can also try to combine any CMYK color.

How Pantone system works?

The Pantone framework was produced in connection with a genuine business requirement for a full range fit shading blend framework. The first Pantone framework was made in the pre-computerized days, when the requirement for complex hues, especially compound hues, was making printing tougher in those days.

As any individual who’s ever expected to complete a print work knows, hues are dependably an issue, as is shading quality. The Pantone color guide TPG, which is an all-encompassing review of hues and tones, was the sensible reply, and at present this has become extremely popular.

Pantone in the digital era

With the coming of the digital era, Pantone was perfectly used to meet the requirements of the new technology used in printing. Along with Pantone came a series that is termed as a color value, which came as a blessing for the clients and the printers. Standardizing the color mixes is the key need in the field of digital printing, where you cannot mix print colors using the rule of thumb. This is mainly due to constraints of the printing ability. The mix of color that you use must have the ability to get transformed into a digital formula used for printing.

So, if you are a professional painter, Pantone must be your ultimate choice.

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