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Pantone CMYK System Integrated with Color Libraries

Pantone CMYK System Integrated with Color Libraries

Have you noticed how some people always wear color coordinated clothes… some people have an amazing sense of color for their homes and is well coordinated with their decor and interiors?

Right colors that synchronize together or look great in contrast can inspire you to create artwork, clothes or design and decor that not just sell well but elevates your portfolio to a whole new level altogether. Color matching and coordination is an art as well as a science and it plagues everybody from regular people to fashion designers to interior decorators to someone who is just thinking of repainting the office.

Mera wala Green…

We in India are used to terms like – “mint green” or “mustard yellow” or “tomato red” or “sky blue”. But trying to get the perfect shade on the basis of such open-ended nomenclature is a huge gamble. Let us take an instance. The blue sky exudes different shades and its interpretation is subjective to the taste, discretion and, belief you me, the mood of the viewer. Therefore, during the course of a customized assignment, be it a house paint project or a web design or a special outfit, in all likelihood, the sky blue that the supplier provides may just not match up to the shade of blue that the customer may have wanted. This potentially leads to colorless disputes and arguments between the finicky customer and the confused service provider and, eventually, multiple rounds of to-ing and froing and duplication of work.

But is there a way to get over this perennial problem? Well, it would be very helpful if there is a standard referral system – a code that lists multiple shades of the same color capturing even the most minimal variations. In other words, a proper color guide with exhaustive options should nail it. We are sure it would be much in demand. A standard color guide can move a project in the right direction and one saves a lot of valuable time in applying trial and error. The mental satisfaction that one may get through this process is a bonus leading to a design high!

As a solution to this predicament, there is indeed a color guide that has been in use internationally. The Pantone color system is being used for identifying the most accurate shade of a color for several decades now. That said, this concept is new in India but we are gradually warming up to it.

What is this CMYK system?

Pantone colors are a special subset of CMYK colors (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black – the four basic colors that are used to create all colors mostly for printing purpose). This is a somewhat more common expression used in the areas of computer or print graphics and fashion design. The colors were traditionally available on the Pantone Guides, which consist of a large number of small cardboard sheets, printed on one side with a series of related color swatches. The swatches indicated an assortment of variants of the same color often covering even most minor deviations. Each variant was designated with a specific numeric code.

Find the right color

The right color choice is one of the biggest challenges for any graphics designer, publishing house, interior or fashion designer or even the textile industry. There is no dearth of people suggesting various options and “this goes with that” guides online/offline to help you match colors but Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated + Uncoated by Design Info takes the guesswork out of this crucial decision and help you provide a comprehensive color guide for your next fashion, graphics or home and interiors project. This guide lists more than 2000 shades of a host of colors and you are sure to find the exact green, blue, red or pink that suits your discerning eye.

The latest guide for fashion, home and interiors have been available for ready dispatch in India April 2017 onwards. This updated guide is equipped with 210 new colors and has all the colors split into two for better usage. This product is imported from the United States of America and has the Color Manager Software included in it for the user’s reference. This guide is widely used in home furnishing, architecture, textile color matching and furniture. The guide is immensely useful for interior decorators, painting contractors, graphic designers, offset and digital printers, fashion designers, textile industry and many more.

Where can you buy this guide?

The Pantone Colour Guide TPG Fashion, Home & Interiors can be purchased from the official website of Design Info.

Discount coupons, as well as free magazine, are available with online purchase from the Design Info portal. Avail the faster 24 hours delivery if you need the guide urgently.

It is mesmerizing to know that there are so many more colors in our lives. If you are remotely interested in colors, checking out the guide is a fun do indeed. Should you wish to study this interesting subject further, please visit Design Info at Design Info

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