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The PANTONE METALLIC CHIPS GB1507 book offers six specification chips for each PANTONE Metallics color. You get a complete range of 301 chromatically arranged brilliant metallics printed on coated paper. Pantone Metallics Chips Book has tearable chips which is very useful. Pantone Metallics Chips are by default coated. Pantone is the only internationally...

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The new PANTONE PREMIUM METALLICS CHIPS COATED features 300 dazzling metallic colors developed in response to the rapidly rising popularity of these special-effect inks. Pantone Premium Metallic colors have greater brilliance, can be easily coated without any loss in luster and have a longer life after printing without fear of tarnishing or blemishing....

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The new PANTONE PLUS SERIES PASTELS & NEONS CHIPS brings together 154 soothing pastels and 56 hot neons in a convenient chip format that attaches to artwork and digital files for easy and consistent color communication. Contemporary colors, arranged chromatically for intuitive selection in the Pantone Pastels and Neon Chips. Ink mixing formulas are...

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Page size: 5 5/8" x 9 1/4" Material: Ink on paper Seven colors per page, six chips per color Tear-out chips on replaceable three-ring binder pages Text-weight paper stock matches popular print specifications