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A + A Home Interior Trends Book A/W & S/S
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A +A Home Interior Trends book is a trend forecast book for the home furnishing & interior sector. There are 4 unique trend themes, each introduced by a trend collage. Includes the general color range with the samples of the yarn threads & reference to Pantone & RAL Color Numbers. Colors are exclusively dyes by the A+A design studio. Well defined vision studio with contemporary Asian & European Mood trends.  Colors Trends represented in the best manner with actual thread samples which you can feel.
A + A Very Mens Wear Trend
From Rs 154,800
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A+A (Very) Fashion Trend book for Men has inspirational ideas for menswear trends, menswear prints, menswear apparels and styling. A + A is one of the trendsetters for modern fashion and the trend books are an excellent way to gain more knowledge about the trending menswear fashion. Trend and colour forecast for the menswear sector. 7 trend themes are introduced with colour inspiring colour palettes. Each theme is presented with original fabrics and numerous styles.
Pantone TCX Cotton Passport FHIC200A | TCX Color Chart [2021 Edition]
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Delivery in 1 day all India.
The New Pantone TCX Cotton Passport Book with 2625 Colors is an ideal book for manufacturers and beginners in the Pantone TCX colours world. Size of each chip - 1cm X 1.5cm. 2,625 market-driven PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Colors Includes 315 New Colors Convenient, portable accordion format 2020 Edition The Pantone TCX Passport has a convenient accordion format allows you to see a large number of permanently affixed chips at a glance, making it easy to be inspired on the road or during off-site meetings. Each color in FHIC200A TCX Pantone Book is labeled with the corresponding PANTONE Number (with a TCX suffix) for easy color location and communication.
Pantone TPG Colour Guide Fashion, Home + Interiors FHIP110A [2021 Edition], Pantone TPG Shade Card & TPG Chart
Rs 12,599
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Total Colors: 2625 No. of New Colors: 315 Old Pantone TPG Edition had 2310 Colors. Protection Cover Guide Included. Official Release - 3rd April 2021 ColorPrefix : TPG Total 2 Guides Included in this Package: Part1 & Part 2 incl 315 Additional Colors. Original Seal Packed. The New Pantone Color Guide for Fashion, Home & Interiors will be available for ready dispatch in India on 3rd April 2021. This updated edition of Fashion & Home Color guide has 315 new colors, which is the latest edition for 2021. The Guide has all colors split into 2 for better usage. This product is imported from Pantone Llc, USA and has the Color Manager software included in it. Pantone TPG Colour Guide is widely used in Home Furnishing, Architecture, Textile Color Matching, Furniture and is the best alternative to expensive TCX products. Buy Pantone Color Guide & Pantone FHIP Colour Guide, now with a special offer price. Assuring the lowest and best price in India.
Munsell Book of Color, Glossy Edition M40115B
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The Glossy Collection is the "master atlas" of Munsell Color. The Glossy book of color includes a complete range of colors creating a physical model of the Munsell Color Space. The book includes a brief tutorial on how the Munsell Color System works; with easy to follow graphics for understanding where the Munsell color space the color is located. The Glossy Collection is the "master atlas" of Munsell Color. It contains over 1,600 removable high-gloss color samples on 40 constant-hue pages. Binder Specifications: Single 3.5" ring binder: 13.75" (L) x 4" (W) x 11.75" (T).
ARS Sutoria Shoe Trends Magazine Subscription
Rs 45,600
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Same Day Delivery Possible
Arsutoria Magazine provides you complete information on footwear industry, reporting the latest shoe trends and focusing on special topics as sport, soles or technology. Each shoes magazine issue offers you the latest information as news and interviews, new designers scouting and fashion report. Fashion reports are Arsutoria Magazines core business: Fashion reports are also available online in HD: Arsutoria reader can access online to the extra contents. ARSUTORIA Magazines subscription include access to digital version, via web and through tablet and mobile app. Subscription always begins from latest Edition.
Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated & Uncoated GP1601A Book [2021 Edition]
Rs 10,199
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Free Original Protection cover Case for both Pantone Formula guides. Number of Colors in current latest guide: 2,161 New Colors Added: 294 Older edition GP1601N had 1,867 colors Guides: 2 - [Coated & Uncoated] Original, Sealed Packed, Ideal for Printing, Packaging, Graphic Designing, Chemicals, Inks and Pharmaceuticals. The New Pantone Formula Guide Plus Series GP1601N with warranty released on 1st July, 2020 has a total of 2,161 colors, which is an addition of 294 new colors added to the old edition - GP1601N. This paper product, Pantone Formula Guide has all the coated colors as well as uncoated colors [Solid Colors] included in the package which is divided into 2 Guides. Official Pantone Warranty included. One Guide has all the coated colors which have an initial of 'C' starting and the other guide has all colors which have an initial of 'U'. Overall the Pantone Color Chart has all the spot colors and Pantone PMS colors. This Pantone Color Formula Guide is used for upto 3 colours printing. Pantone C Color formulas and U color formulas codes, which have all the color combinations and shades in CMYK and RGB Codes are included with the Pantone Formula Guide set book.Suggested Upgrade: Pantone Color Bridge for Advanced Color Matching in CMYK & RGB
Pantone TCX Cotton Planner FHIC300A Fashion + Home + Interiors Book [2021 Edition]
Rs 65,800
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Rs 65,800 1
Dispatched same day if ordered before 5 pm.
No of Colors: 2625 Size of Chips: 5/8” x 5/8” {1.58 cm X 1.58cm} Edition: 2020 The Cotton Planner is a convenient desktop reference to all 2,625 PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Colors, including the 315 New Colors. Its compact size makes it easy to use both in the office and on the go. Cotton chips are permanently affixed to non-optically brightened paper for accurate color viewing. Each color is labeled with the corresponding PANTONE Number (with a TCX suffix) for easy color location and communication.
Pantone Color Bridge Uncoated Guide GG6104A - Packaging / Pharma / Paint / Chemical
Rs 12,375
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Dispatched same day if ordered before 5 pm.
The PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE Uncoated Guide plus series 2020 edition is a multi-purpose tool for printers, graphic and web designers. It is best used for determining how Solid Colors will look when reproduced through the four-color printing process, as well as a HTML value reference for digital media display intent. Buy the Pantone Color Bridge Uncoated Guide now at a great discount. Special Offer now available. Fast 1 Day Delivery in India. Pantone Color Bridge Uncoated Guide GG6104N has 2,139 spot colours, including 294 new colours released in 2019
Next Look Men TRENDS Styles & Colour Trendbook incl. DVD A/W & S/S
From Rs 20,900
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5 market-driven trend themes including inspiration, colours, colour combinations, material directions, styling, accessories, details and many model sketches This trend service for men's fashion professionals provides a selective and future oriented analysis of all the leading menswear designer shows from the international fashion capitals and consolidating in six market-driven and at the same time innovative themes. Each of the themes is presented in a complex, descriptive, inspirational way and by means of immediately usable styling sketches: inspirational photos, trend-setting styles from the designer collections, colour themes and ideas for colour combinations, typical fabric and material optics as well as shoes, bags, belts and other accessories complemented by an extensive pool of new design ideas, outfit figurines and drafts for coats, jackets, trousers, shirts, knitwear and accessories. All styles are provided on downlodable finger click as PDF and EPS editable vector files for easy and professional processing. Highlights: - Featuring more than 200 professional photos of styles and details from all the important and fashion-relevant designer shows - Additional photos illustrate the trends related to shapes, materials and colours - Short but concise comments about the actual fashion criteria and trend themes - Congenial illustration of the trend themes by outfit figurines as well as new designs for garment ranges and accessories - Very large selection of innovative model designs and ideas for accessories provided as vector drawings for immediate processing in all common graphic software programs - Comprehensive pool of ideas for the individual compilation of own collections in all menswear categories for the most important styles, accessories and details, more than 600 images, texts in English NLMW | S/S 22
NCS Color Chart Glossy Index 1950 Standards [2021 Edition], NCS Glossy Colors Book
Rs 18,371
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An NCS Shade Card Glossy reference palette with all NCS 1950 standard colors in a gloss finish for identification of glossy colors, surfaces, and materials. NCS Glossy Index is a collection of colour samples that allows you to quickly and easily see how light and gloss affect the color. Which in turn makes it easy to assess and select colors. Buy now at a special price.
Arsutoria Trend Guide | Shoes & Bags | Subscription
From Rs 67,500
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The ARSUTORIA Trends Guide is specifically developed for designers and merchandisers who have to create collections in the field of shoes & bags. The typical workflow of a company has to deal not only with creativity and trends but also with marketing, merchandising and technical development. Thanks to the connection between the publishing house and the ARSUTORIA School we are in the conditions to offer a unique tool. Each season, 18 months in advance December & May
Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test CEP001 Kit, Vision Aptitude Color Evaluation
Rs 67,968
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Rs 67,968 1
Delivery in 3 to 7 Days.
Everyone perceives color differently. That’s why it is important for anyone involved with the evaluation of color to understand how accurately they actually see color. The Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test (or FM100 Hue Test) is an easy-to-administer test and a highly effective method for evaluating  an individual's ability to discern color. The test requires the use of standardized daylight conditions such as those found in X-Rite’s SpectraLight QC and Judge QC light booths. The Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test is a global standard that has been used by governments and industry for more than 60 years, the test evaluates and ranks color acuity. It consists of four trays containing a total of 85 removable color reference caps (incremental hue variations) spanning the visible spectrum. Color vision aptitude is detected by the ability of the test subject to place the color caps in order of hue.
Pantone TCX Cotton Chip Set FHIC400A Fashion + Home + Interiors [2021 Edition]
Rs 145,001
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Dispatched same day if ordered before 5 pm.
2020 Latest Edition Total Colors: 2625, 315 New Colors included Size of Swatches: 1inch x 1inch Even if your space or budget is limited, you can enter the world of limitless design possibilities with the new PANTONE Cotton Chip Set, a desktop color reference that puts all 2,310 TCX colors of the PANTONE Fashion + Home color system at your fingertips. Chromatically arranged, 1” x 1” Pantone cotton chips are easily removable for creating palettes and presentations fast, to capture your ideas and express your creativity while your inspiration is hot!
NCS Exterior | 322 Classic, Deep and Dark | Light, Environment, Colour Fastness Factor
Rs 35,873
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Delivery in 4 to 6 Days
NCS Exterior is a collection of fanable matte colour samples, specially adapted for exterior colour design of façades, façade details and roofs. Our perception of colours in outdoor environments differs from how we see colours inside. This collection of colour samples has been compiled taking into account such factors as light, environment, colour fastness and traditions in present and traditional colour design. This facilitates selection of exterior colours. The colour samples’ finish ranges from matt to semi-matt.
Trendsetter Kids Graphic Collection Book Vol.4 incl. DVD
Rs 50,400
Rs 56,000 -10%
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Delivered in 4 days
Trendsetter Kids Vol. 4 is a comprehensive source of inspiration that includes trendy graphics for Newborn, Baby, Kids, and Teen collections. From romantic themes to edgy, you will find high-level professional fashion graphics & logos for girls and boys, presented by subject & category. The 126 pages of artwork is edited by an eclectic variety of themes, to inspire your successful collection. The accompanying DVDs have more than 900 elaborately designed graphics, prints, patches, stripes, and all-overs. The DVDs include: AI (Adobe Illustrator CS and later), PSD (Adobe Photoshop® CS and higher) and Adobe PDF files. All files can be used for PC and MAC. Trendsetter Kids Vol. 4 also includes fully detailed color themes with the corresponding cross-references to the Pantone® Textile numbers.
Colorush Trendbook Autumn / Winter incl. USB Stick
Rs 62,700
Rs 66,000 -5%
Tax included
Delivery in 4 to 7 Days.
ColoRush is a global colour forecast for all target groups. The interaction of sales- boosting trend themes, colours, colour combinations and stimulating imagery create an inspiring panorama of innovative product worlds in the latest Colorush Trendbook. The colours are presented on synthetic fabrics to ensure their realistic representation on range-typical materials. In addition all colours are provided as removable swatches - sorted according to the themes, for the creation of own colour harmonies. ColoRush Trendbook is published twice per year in January and July. Subscribers receive the pre-information on themes and colours already 6 weeks prior date of publication.
Munsell Soil Color Charts M50215B [2021 Edition]
Rs 21,000
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Same Day Delivery Possible
The Munsell Soil Color Charts is an affordable way to evaluate the type of soil that is present within a given area. The Munsell Soil book is set up to allow users to make soil color evaluations in the field quickly and easily. M50215B is the latest edition of the Munsell Color Standard for soil and earth colors. Buy the latest edition in India now.

Supplier of NCS Color Shade Card Design Tools, NCS Colour Samples and NCS Colour Accessories for India.

How do you ensure that your supplier or customer pictures a particular forest green colour exactly the same way that you do? The NCS Shade Card system helps you communicate colours in a way that everyone understands.

ncs notation, ncs color scientific system

NCS Shade Card

NCS is an abbreviation for Natural Colour System as is a logical colour system which builds on how the human being sees colour. Colour is what we see, a subjective visual sensation. To characterize a colour you therefore have to describe what you see. How the colour is mixed, as well as the measurement data, is necessary for production, but to communicate with the customer you need a system in the way people see colours. A notation represents a specific colour percept and says nothing about what pigments, lights rays or nerve signals that have been given rise to this perception. This makes it possible to describe the colours of all surface materials and ensure that the colours turn out exactly as you want them to.

ncs color circle, ncs wheel, ncs all color hue

NCS Color Chart

NCS Color charts are must for the paint and coating industry as it is this manufacturing industry that requires a scientific notation of colors. The advanced NCS Color charts and NCS Shade cards bring in easy decision making skills in color palette identification. The foundation of our products is the NCS – Natural Colour System®© – the cross-industry colour system used around the world for colour communication between designers and manufacturers, retailers and customers. Since the NCS Color Chart system is based on how we perceive colours visually the system allows you to describe any imaginable surface colour and be given a NCS-notation. This has made the colour system a global standard for the definition, quality assurance, and communication of colour.



The NCS system is used by architects, designers, and material manufacturers, the colour industry, product manufacturers, and retailers the world over.


The NCS books give a unique opportunity to communicate colour between all those involved in a colour process, to ensure that the end result is precisely as it should be.

ncs color triangle, ncs triangle


The NCS Color chart starts from six elementary colours, which are perceived by human beings as being “pure”. The four chromatic elementary colours are yellow (Y), red (R), blue (B) and green (G), and the two non-chromatic elementary colours are white (W), black (S). All other colours can be described in terms of their degree of resemblance to the elementary colours. Not again that these concepts describe the purely visual properties of the colour and not how the colour is mixed.

NCS Elementary Colors, ncs basic colors


Beginning with the elementary colours, it is possible to construct a three-dimensional descriptive model called the NCS colour space, which includes the whole colour world and makes it possible to describe any conceivable colour percept. All imaginable surface colours can be placed and thus be given an exact NCS-notation. For the sake of clarity, it is usually shown in two projections – the colour circle and the colour triangle.

NCS Color space, ncs color system


By taking a horizontal view through the colour space, we see this circle where the four chromatic elementary colours yellow, red, blue and green are placed like the points of the compass with the space between them divided into 100 equal steps. Here you see the hue (the colour family) R90B. This means that all colours in this hue have 90% resemblance to blue and 10% resemblance to red. It is a slightly reddish bluecolour so it is almost a pure blue colour.

ncs shade card, ncs shades


The NCS Colour Triangle is a vertical section through the colour space. Here you find different nuances of the actual blue hue R90B. The base of the triangle is the grey scale from white (W) to black (S) and the apex of the triangle is the maximum chromaticness (C) within each hue, in this case R90B. The chromaticness specifies how strong the colour is. Colours of the same hue can have a different blackness, chromaticness or whiteness values, which is different nuances. The scales for blackness, whiteness and chromaticness in the NCS Book are divided into 100 steps, which as well as in the colour circle can be perceived as percentages. In the triangle is the nuance 1050 selected.

NCS Color chart, ncs chart


S means that the colour is part of the visual selection of NCS 1950 standard colours, which illustrates the NCS System. The first part of the code (e.g.) 1050 describes the nuance of the actual colour R90B.

  • This has 10% blackness

  • 50% chromaticness (colour strength)

  • The remaining 40% out of 100% is whiteness which is not printed out in the NCS notation

ncs color chart book, ncs book

The second part of the NCS notation, e.g. R90B, is the hue, which can be described as the position within the NCS colour circle. Code R90B is a reddish blue colour described as:

  • A red (R) with 10% resemblance to red and

  • 90% resemblance to blue (B).

Another example: B40G is a blue colour with 40% green, and so on.

S 1050-R90B gives you an unambiguous definition of a colour and any surface colour can be described with the help of the NCS System. For example a colour can be given the notation 1143-Y85R. This colour does not belong to the NCS 1950 standard colours. It can though still be described with the NCS system without no S in front of the notation.

How many colors are there in the NCS Color Book?

There are 1950 colors in the NCS Book of colors and are split in coated and matt format.

How do you match and detect an NCS Color?

NCS Color pin is an amazing tool to help achieve the NCS Color detection

What is the difference between NCS Index and NCS Glossy?

The NCS Index is the standard NCS Shade Card for Paints and NCS Glossy is the same same chart in Gloss effect.