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Mystic Hues of Panton Blue Blossom 15-4535 TSX Polyester

Have you ever wondered why this primary colours is so appealing and enthralling?

It brings a gamut of freshness, a sudden spark in life which makes us smile.
Yes this colour sparks the freshness that a river has flowing down from the mountains to the Ocean. It brings that surprise which the sky provides when it shine up during the day with a big smile.
Blue is the color that has been there from the centuries playing a pivotal role in the choices and lifestyle from the simple living people to the Royals. The movie Titanic itself started in the search of the Blue
sapphire making a history in itself and yes we all loved the blue diamond that kate recieved. It is a colour of harmony and trust, loyalty and confidence, serenity and endurance with a cool swag to it. It is the
colour of heaven which has a positive vibe that attracts the mind and body.
Blue is the colour of light lying somewhere between green and violet.
It imbibes the different atttributes of these shades too. Where the darker it gets it become black and lighter it goes towards white. What a cool benevolent sight! Yes, it always is, to look at the colour blue.
These amazing features of the cool blue refreshes us making it the #1 liked colour all over the world. It has a corporate identity, it has a cool attitude , it has a rustic feel and can be of many magnitudes.
It’s alway a charm to have a dash of blue in our arms or on our feet, from top to bottom it makes us feel awesome. It protect from the evil eye… haven’t you seen the famous Turkish design to ward off the evil?
Yes it is the colour blue setting off the evil from our lives.
Such a magnificence such a charm, blue is the color that brings its magic and it’s warmth in every way .
Keeping us cool and happy even on a dull day.

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