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Now, more extensive and more overworked in the form of DVDs and more professional presentations.Full 60 themes that focus on sports and adventure, such as; Eastern Heritage, Surfing Billy, Australian Sun, National Park, Rocky Peaks, Fly Discovery, urban Outside, Tag Tribe, Parkour Movement, etc.
Style Right Sports Active Wear Trend Book incl. DVD S/S & A/W
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The Style Right team proudly present their 10th edition of the increasingly popular Style Right Sports Active for Spring Summer. For this season we have researched extensively, collating a broad selection of inspiration from a wide range of Summer sports. We have considered the utilization of indoor and outdoor environments during this season, extracting their attributing lifestyles and values relevant to all sports enthusiasts and serious athletes. Sports & Active wear trend and concept book is dedicated to designers and product developers working in the field of fashion, sports equipment and sports devices as well as product graphics and packaging.
Style Right Menswear Trendbook incl. DVD A/W & S/S
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On more than 100 full-colour pages, Style Right Menswear Trend Book has everything necessary for successful, market-driven and fashionable casual and sportive men's collections:  Buy the latest Style Right Books for Mens Logos & Graphics Designiing in India. Ask for discounts Colours (presented as original Pantone® colour chips) in the Style Right Trendbook for Menswear, age group-specific garments (shirts, T-shirts, Polo-Shirts, trousers, jackets, accessories and shoes) as well as plenty of designs for print motifs, embroidery and applications.The garment designs are provided as fashion illustrations with brief descriptions as well as professionally adapted vector line drawings in the latest A/W & S/S Trend Book for menswear.