Mens Trend Forecast

Mens Trend Forecast

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NOVOLTEX CASUAL SHIRT Forecast for casual and sport shirt in cotton or blends. (publication exclusive and limited) 2 volumes a year 1 spring/summer and 1 autumn/winter 1 volume ½ year 1 spring/summer or 1 autumn/winter book format: cm 32x30x6
A + A Gentlemen Men's Color Trends Book
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New and exclusive edition of the A + A Trendbook Series from the Milan design studio: The "GENTLEMAN" edition. A + A Gentlemen Men's Color Trends Book has 48 Colors for classic menswear divided in themes presented in color ranges, color harmonies and extra colors in metallic and wool shade cards. Issue frequency: 2 issues per yearMonths of publication: 01/07
A + A Men's Fashion Trends Book A/W & S/S Incl DVD
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A+A (Very) Fashion Trend book for Men has inspirational ideas for menswear trends, menswear prints, menswear apparels and styling. A + A is one of the trendsetters for modern fashion and the trend books are an excellent way to gain more knowledge about the trending menswear fashion. Trend and colour forecast for the menswear sector. 7 trend themes are introduced with colour inspiring colour palettes. Each theme is presented with original fabrics and numerous styles.
Focus on Denim Vol. 13 incl. CD-ROM
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The latest styling directions for fabrics, finishes, accessories and trimmings as well as styling and detailing in the field of denim ranges for young fashion, women and men. On approx. 220 pages and more than 1700 colour photos actual jeans products from Europe and all over the world are shown. The clearly structured content makes it easy to quickly find the required information and inspiration: Ask for discounts - An extensive section introducing the key trends of the season by photos, model sketches, important silhouettes and fashion illustrations showing fits and overall looks. - An impressive clip art library comprising more than 250 shapes and key details like front and back pockets, belt loops etc., displayed in the book and provided in vector format on the CD-ROM. This invaluable selection enables the user to drag and drop files together to create new designs instantly and easily. The enclosed CD-ROM contains all photos in .jpg format as well as the model sketches and details as vector files (Adobe Illustrator).
Next Look Menswear Styles & Colour Trendbook incl. DVD A/W & S/S
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6 market-driven trend themes including inspiration, colours, colour combinations, material directions, styling, accessories, details and many model sketches. This combination of trade journal and styling trend book for men's fashion professionals provides a selective and future-oriented analysis of all the leading menswear designer shows from the international fashion capitals and their consolidating in six market-driven and at the same time innovative themes. Each of the themes is presented in a complex, descriptive, inspirational way and by means of immediately usable styling sketches: inspirational photos, trendsetting styles from the designer collections, colour themes and ideas for colour combinations, typical fabric and material optics as well as shoes, bags, belts and other accessories complemented by an extensive pool of new design ideas, outfit figurines and drafts for coats, jackets, trousers, shirts, knitwear and accessories. All styles are provided on the accompanying DVD as vector files for easy and professional processing.
Ready Made Colour Trend Forecast Book A/W & S/S
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Readymade colour trend forecast book A/W and S/S is a book that analyses and forecasts colour trends that focus on the flourishing colour palettes for all design industries. In interior design, the designer uses colour to combine his/her design sense and the client’s choice. Every colour invokes a different reaction based on its use and people choose different wall colours or furnishing colours based on their temperament and purpose of the room, Brands and companies are selective with their logo colours as the recognisability of a depend on it.
Style Right Menswear Trendbook incl. DVD A/W & S/S
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On more than 100 full-colour pages, Style Right Menswear Trend Book has everything necessary for successful, market-driven and fashionable casual and sportive men's collections:  Buy the latest Style Right Books for Mens Logos & Graphics Designiing in India. Ask for discounts Colours (presented as original Pantone® colour chips) in the Style Right Trendbook for Menswear, age group-specific garments (shirts, T-shirts, Polo-Shirts, trousers, jackets, accessories and shoes) as well as plenty of designs for print motifs, embroidery and applications.The garment designs are provided as fashion illustrations with brief descriptions as well as professionally adapted vector line drawings in the latest A/W & S/S Trend Book for menswear.

Design Info - India's Only Fashion Trend Forecasting Agency supplies Color & Trend forecasting books for primarily two seasons which is the Autumn Winter & Spring Summer Season. Forecasting the Colors & Style Trends 18 months in advance the fashion and colors ideas are beautifully represented in the form of trend books. Menswear Trend forecast books represent what a season it will prove to be with exciting fabrics, graphics, prints  and shapes are everywhere. Menswear trends are an important source for all menswear fashion designers to decide upon their next production of menswear garments.
Menswear trend books sees influences from a truly global palette of cultures and styles, from the annals of history and eastem book chic, far northern knits wear trends through to the remote mountainous extremes of Nepalese societies colour trends are vibrant, nich and reminiscent of the seasonal trends.

As ever we strive to bring you more and more colors forecast palettes with each edition, each men's trend book is no exception, offering more menswear trends, garment styling ideas,  and graphics than ever before.
Covering seasonal trends as well as transitional seling periods.
The market for quality, urban and innovative contemporary menswear grows apace. The young generation has rapidly elevated it to a high level via street style blogs and social networks, while the menswear trends boomers are not only showing a growing interest in fashion, but are generally more able to afford the top genre. In retail as well both brick-and-mortar and online the dynamic is unmistakeable. The luxury corporations are investing massively in establishing dedicated menswear stores, while the smaller retailers are showing an increasing acceptance for sparkling new concepts and fresh signatures

The menswear sports and casual sector remains the driving force for development in fashion. The spectrum here is huge and embodies the full range of design possibilities, from rough-hewn masculine looks to futuristically tinged active sport elements Excitement and eclecticism are two further major keywords when it comes to conceptualising tomorrow's menswear. The innovation drivers of the industry are largely in agreement that the horizon will expand, traditional style worlds will continue to lose definition in favour of exciting crossover mixes and overly formal aspects increasingly fade into the background, to be superseded by relaxation and sportiness aspects. Particularly in menswear, and especially in this winter season, themes such as value, craft attributes and love for the product will be accorded greater significance. Menswear Rustic visuals are implemented in an increasingly lighter and softer manner, Dark hues, subtle colour effects and sophisticated structure patterns show that the yarn manufacturers and weavers are also living up to their full creative potential

For this season, Menswear Trend book delivers a broad spectrum of analyses, themes, concepts. Dark, post punk-inspired styling that oscillates between rock and class attitudes is front and centre, shoulder to shoulder with urbane country looks, soft minimalism, maritime inspirations and exciting blends from classic and club sport. Menswear its best for a new season.