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Premiere Vision Color Range Card - SS 2023
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the Première Vision color ranges provide an international synthesis of colors. They are all the more precious as they are exclusive to Première Vision and composed of specially created colors.
Dive into the season with the Première Vision Color Range and its exclusive colors!
Première Vision’s Spring-Summer 23 color range is composed of 24 exclusive tones to help you create your collections.
This is a unique color palette that decodes the governing contexts and main trends of the season, and is closely synched with the evolving fashion market. The range is developed together with our expert partners during our international meetings, where information regarding all the show’s various sectors is shared and discussed. As such, the range reflects the realities of different productions and provides multiple inspirations for the markets of reference
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Menswear Colors & Reports Magazines for Fashion, design, formal wear, shirts, t-shirt, jacket, pants, trousers, etc.Fashion Forecast Magazines for the Upcoming Spring Summer & Autumn Winter Collection.

Colour forecasting has always been about looking to the future; but now, more than ever, Menswear color forecast magazine encompasses so much more Our global meetings define post cal driver's material innovation as well as elements of shape and design This diverse collection ideas and indicators then gives us the material for our net round of predictions To people to look at what happen months ahead is no mean Dut our colour experts always rise to the occasion and never let us down.
             This season the chief uses on being asked was, Do we really need two seasons?" There's A strong argument that seasonal edges are now so blurred that they are all melding into one Certainly our latest book challenges preconceptions about winter and summer colours So what has driven this change in thinking? Is it climate change, technology, temperature controlled textiles and travel, or 1s it simply that a small world is getting smaller all the time? This lack of seasonal definition has created a much bigger challenge for you and your company's choices and has placed further emphasis on getting a product's colours spot with color trend forecast books on regardless of the season Global Color Research has risen to the challenge and tailored our findings to help address this fascinating time in our industry.

             We hope you enjoy working with our latest issue as much as we enjoyed creating it Mix Trends, helping your business make the right colour choices.