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ARSUTORIA Sketch & Style Man Magazine for Men Shoes is dedicated exclusively to men footwear and directly addressed to manufacturers, designers and pattern makers. Each season ARSUTORIA presents its trend forecasting analysis published in ARSUTORIA Trend Guide and focused on shoes industry: four themes described with colours, materials and shapes. You will get the latest edition. You may request a different season also. Issues a Year : 4 Published on : March, June, September, December ARSUTORIA Sketch & Style Magazine for Men Footwear & Shoes Design focuses the forecast analysis on man footwear, providing exclusive designs and ideas by international designers, through sketches, materials and prototypes.

Explore the latest Menswear Shoes and Mens Footwear Magazines from the latest Edition. Everything is becoming fluid - from menswear shoes to borders, to jobs, time and even reality. This has made everybody feeling restless and continuously on the lookout for new horizons as well as new roots. All our trend concepts in this forecast deal with escapes to different forms of shelter and ‘paradise’, yet they all revolve around being always on the move. Each nomadic paradise is made up of a tight-knit community that shares men's footwear with each other, but separates itself from the rest. Which escape will be chosen by whom depends on personality, lifestyle, financial possibilities or even something fluid, i.e. the mood of the moment. The question is, will people really physically escape or will this all take place in virtual reality, where you can seamlessly travel from one “paradise” to another?The last spread is dedicated to how escaping into the past can generate interesting results for the future...Largest Collection of Menswear Shoes and footwear is now here.