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Next Look Close Up (Men) Shoes , Bags and Accessories Magazine Subscription A/W & S/S
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Next Look Close Up Men Shoes Magazine Next look CLOSE UP series - a ready to use sophisticated and in-depth analysis. Next look CLOSE UP combines the results of demanding and profound analysis of the most important shows worldwide with detailed views on the highlights - just CLOSE UP and TREND both
ARSTRENDS Website Shoes Subscription
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ArsTrends Shoe Access Subscription Full access to the SHOES and MATERIALS sections of ArsTrends.Weekly uploads of photos from collections from trade fairs catwalks from New York, Milan, Paris and London fashion weeks retail windows from most important world fashion capitols exclusive sketches by Arsutoria Designers original prototypes for upcoming seasons
ARS Sutoria Shoe Trends Magazine Subscription
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Arsutoria Magazine provides you complete information on footwear industry, reporting the latest shoe trends and focusing on special topics as sport, soles or technology. Each shoes magazine issue offers you the latest information as news and interviews, new designers scouting and fashion report. Fashion reports are Arsutoria Magazines core business: Fashion reports are also available online in HD: Arsutoria reader can access online to the extra contents. ARSUTORIA Magazines subscription include access to digital version, via web and through tablet and mobile app. Subscription always begins from latest Edition.
Coolbook Sketch Man Shoes Trendbook A/W & S/S
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Coolbook Sketch Man Shoes Trendbook A/W & S/S CoolBook Sketch - Men's Shoes (CD included) is a new trendbook that provides latest informations on Men's fashion trends;outfits and footwear details are illustrated to understand the right directions of the Men's shoes market for next season S/S 2019.
Arsutoria Only Man Magazine Subscription
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Arsutoria Only Man is a book that focuses soley on men shoes. Each issue contains over 500 photos dedicated exclusively to shoes..Only pictures of next-coming shoes from fairs and catwalks that we have selected from our ARSUTORIA magazines.One issue published for Spring/Summer in December and one for Autumn/Winter in MayRegardless of the image displayed, Subscription always begins from the latest Edition
Arsutoria Footwear Technical Dictionary
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Description The Footwear Technical Dictionary has more than 1000 terms translated in five languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian, and English. The Italian and the English sections, besides the translations of each term into the other four languages appearing in the relative secondary columns, provide its synthetic but exhaustive definition, respectively in Italian and in English. The dictionary, in its Italian and English sections, is also provided with numerous illustrations constituting a helpful, sometimes indispensable, complement to the definitions.  
Safety Shoes Magazine Magazine Subscription
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Description   SAFETY magazine focuses on personal protection in the footwear industry. The magazine covers all aspects of safety, from the finished product to materials, components and technology. SAFETY magazine targets industry professionals. It is distributed in the most important trade fairs in the world.
Veronica Solivellas (Men) Casual Bags Trend Book A/W & S/S, Mens Bags Designs & Accessories
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Inclusive vector files (*.AI and *.EPS format) and *.JPGs on DVD. Colour chart with PANTONE TPG codes. Trend information and design proposals for men's bags in an inspiring trend book. The more than 100-page trend book is generously and attractively designed. It contains the seasonal concepts with inspirational images, colour chards (with Pantone Codes), Veronica Solivellas Mens & Casual Bags Trend Book is developed with a 24 month prospective, this creative ally gives you confidence and security for your future collections. 150 pages that decode thoroughly the world trends to express them in detailed inspiration sources, Pantone colour codes, textures in their correspondent creative and display context.
Fashion Focus Bags Man & Accessories Magazine
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BAGS, HATS, TIES, SCARVES, BELTS, GLOVES, HOSIERY Latest Edition To examine and itemise the leading clothing collections taken from fashion shows, focusing on single product categories. Published 6 -7 months prior to season Ask for discounts HD images of latest fashion shows, designer collections and top winning awards designer Bags & accessories. Straight from international catwalks to your work place, copy free images which can be re-used. Inspirations and color combinations with latest stylings from different models and analyzed by the designers, Sequentially arranged with collections based on new concepts and ideas.
Idea Pelle Bags & Accessories Magazine Subscription
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Idea Pelle Magazine – four editions per year, text in Italian and English presents a complete overview of the fashion showing in each issue the best of this field: bags, belts, luggage, small accessories, reports on leading trade shows and indications on new trends. Idea Pelle magazine can rightly be considered a leader in its field, and represents a key tool for all dealers of the leather sector. Release dates:January, March, June, September.
Next Look Close Up Men Accessories Magazine Subscription A/W & S/S
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Next Look Close Up Men Accessories Magazine Subscription Next look CLOSE UP series - a ready to use sophisticated and in-depth analysis. Next look CLOSE UP combines the results of demanding and profound analysis of the most important shows worldwide with detailed views on the highlights - just CLOSE UP and TREND both!

Explore the latest Menswear Shoes and Mens Footwear Magazines from the latest Edition. Everything is becoming fluid - from menswear shoes to borders, to jobs, time and even reality. This has made everybody feeling restless and continuously on the lookout for new horizons as well as new roots. All our trend concepts in this forecast deal with escapes to different forms of shelter and ‘paradise’, yet they all revolve around being always on the move. Each nomadic paradise is made up of a tight-knit community that shares men's footwear with each other, but separates itself from the rest. Which escape will be chosen by whom depends on personality, lifestyle, financial possibilities or even something fluid, i.e. the mood of the moment. The question is, will people really physically escape or will this all take place in virtual reality, where you can seamlessly travel from one “paradise” to another?The last spread is dedicated to how escaping into the past can generate interesting results for the future...Largest Collection of Menswear Shoes and footwear is now here.