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  • A + A Trend Books

    A+A Design Studio supplies a full range of Color trend books developed specifically for the active/tech market. Books features 6 to 8 themes or stories as well as additional ranges for metallic and color harmonies. A+A Vision, Vibe, Concept Color, Home, Very like, Dudes, Textile & Gentleman Publications can be subscribed on a yearly basis from Design Info. 

  • Arkivia

    Editorial business, Arkivia Books,developing books for those that are occupied in its previous creative field and have to produce ideas that satisfy the market. ARKIVIA BOOKS is a series of Tendency Books and is the result of years of creative research for artists, stylists and graphic designers.

  • ARSUTORIA Shoes Magazines (Forecast) Style & Design


    Sketch & Style | Shoes | Bags | Leather

    Get the latest trends of shoes, bags and materials from international fairs, catwalks and worldwide retail windows.

    Get inspired for your next collection with our original models and sketches made by Ars Sutoria Design Team. Constant updates and a weekly newsletter to keep you informed about our uploads.



    Shop for Collezioni Magazines in india

    Distributed in over 54 countries, the Collezioni group is the undisputed leader in the fashion magazine sector, at the service of trade operators, opinion leaders and anyone with a passion for images and creativity. 

    The Collezioni publishing house, Logos Publishing, is a division of the Logos group, a leading international translation company.

    Design Info is a leading Distributor of Collezioni magazines in India

  • Color Essence

    The trend color cards by Color Essence for women’s, men’s, children’s, sportswear and interior deliver basic information on the color moods of the next season and the key for early individual colour concepts. Each color card introduces four trend themes illustrated by original Cotton Swatch Cards (stripes) from the PANTONE® Textile Color System (for Fashion and Home), and described by inspiring mood boards with brief and concise commentaries in English language.

  • Como Design Studio Group

    A group of designers excelled in prints and graphics since 15 years. One of the top selling products on prints are designed by this group

  • Elle UK

    ELLE is the world’s biggest-selling fashion magazine and can now be subscribed in India at the best price.

    It is the international authority on style with 44 print editions worldwide and 37 websites.

    Launched in 1985, British ELLE - edited by Lorraine Candy - has unparalleled access to world-renowned designers, celebrities, models, photographers, writers, columnists and stylists.

  • Fashion Focus

    Fashion Focus 2015 is a leading publisher of Fashion magazines related to Menswear, Womenswear & Kidswear- Forecasting new trends for the upcoming season. Collections include high-quality images from various catwalks in and around the world . Fashion Gallery Magazines are a part of Fashion Focus publications.

  • Fashion Snoops

    Fashion Snoops is an innovative trend forecasting service and consulting agency that inspires clients to create with confidence. The company’s team of 50 experts and 100 international analysts helps brands and companies identify and act on the trends and cultural movements that impact their business. 

    Combining fashion forecasting, trend research, market reports and analysis of cultural shifts, our company is providing a clear pathway from culture to product, empowering our customers to design and market innovative products with the confidence they will meet market trends and consumer needs.

  • FashionStore Books with DVD

    Buy Fashion Store Books latest Editions from India - Official Distributor - Since 1975

  • Future Perfekt | Baby Graphics & Prints Trend Books

    The Future Perfekt Baby wear trend book layout is the intellectual property of Future Perfekt and cannot be used for

    Future Perfekt Baby Trend Book has all rights reserved for their intellectual property. It is strictly forbidden to use the mood photographs for commercial purposes These are the photographs shown on page

    This Future Perfekt Trend Book contains a data disk which contains a graphics and shapes shown in the book except for the mood pictures, Listed above which have copyright

    This data disk is part of the book and is not to be re-sold or sold separately For information The data disk does not contain any software. To read and use the data disk you will have to use one of the software programs listed below So the author and the publishers of this book and data disk will not take responsibility for any attempts to use the data on the data disk without the proper software operating systems for reading the data disk Macintosh or Windows software to used to open and or import all vectorial and bitmap files a

    -For al and eps Adobe Illustrator CC 20153
    For PSD Adobe Photoshop 20155
    For pdf Adobe Acrobat

    Please use the newest possible version of the graphics software listed above with older versions there is and that some files will not be fully supported All the data has been created with Adobe Illustrator CC 20153 Please note that if you open a pixel based file with software programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Core Paint, they will be opened as bitmaps with limited possibilities for editing

    Instructions for using the data disk in your software menu, go to file

    1/ Go to open or import depending on your software
    to open a dialogue box

    2/ Always read files images using the open menu Opening by double clicking the mouse may call up an or message with limited impossibilities for editing instructions for using the data ds. in your software menu go to file

    1. Go to open or import depending on your software to open a dialogue box.

    2. Always read files images using the open menu Opening by double dicing the mouse may an error this is the case follow instructions and

    3. When importing files select the image format in the appropriate pop-up menu and select the one you want and open or import.

  • GAP Press & Collections Magazines

    Runway Shows feature updated trends focusing on styling from major 4 collections, Ney York, London, Milan, Paris. Several styling techniques categorized for 5 stories such as office, night, town, resort, party are displayed in high quality images, perfect for both fashion experts and fashionistas.

    Gap Press is a must have international collection magazine with prompt report on latest trends.

    Gap PRESS is an ideal magazine for both fashion professionals and fashionistas featuring thorough report of latest collections from NY, London, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Madrid, Barcelona with high quality images and precise analysis from gap’s point of view.

    Gap Collections feature thorough coverage of latest collections from top international brands to cutting edge designers presented in NY, London, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Madrid, Barcelona, Sao paulo during biannual celebrated fashion events, pret-a-porter. The creativity of most sought after designers were reproduced in high quality images with informative contents. gap Collections contribute both past and future of fashion industry to offer quickest report on latest collections for better understanding of trends in fashion.

    Trend Visual Map features analysis of styling theme, color, pattern, detail, technique, items from collections in major four fashion capitals such as New York, London, Milan, Paris in A3 format, and is a must have publication for follow up of buying and merchandise planning.

  • Graphicollection

    Graphicollection Gemmi Annalisa is a small publishing house that since 2009 unveils his books.

    Our goal is to provide a new product, which is distinguished from the mass and which meets the various requirements of the market.

    We work with various graphics programs and the peculiarity of our designs, you'll find in almost all our books, is the effect of "handmade" , drawn graphics pencils, watercolors, etc. and make our unique designs in its realization.

    Our books are created and printed exclusively in Italy , to make this even more authentic and solid value of our work.

  • L'Officiel

    L'Officiel 1000 Models Magazines & More

  • Minicool Kids & Baby Trend Forecast Books

    Minicool Kids & Baby Trend Book is an essential tool for manufacturers, designers and companies related to the world of children. (Inspirations for apparel, bedding, stationery, underwear, wrapping paper, decorations, toys, stickers and wall-art.)
                A reliable support for the design and marketing departments of your company, which will inspire them on their daily creative work. This is a guide full of new ideas, inspiration, trends, colour palette and illustrations. There are several logos & graphics for kids making it the best kidswear graphics trend forecast book. All together, it will assist your company in making the right decisions regarding product strategy, as well as it will provide a global overview of the situation of the market in the mid long term. Each year new collections are presented. In each book edition, you can find to suit spring/summer, winter seasons, for both boy/girl and unisex for ages between 0 and 4 years. The final product is distributed in both printed and digital format (vectorised), in an efficient and ready to use manner, saving useful time for clients. Minicool offers its customers the ability to access a private website where you can find all the designs easily downloadable from the online platform. We also offer you the opportunity to download a new design every month free of charge throughout the season. Minicool has proven expertise at both national and international level. It is made up of experienced creatives and designers, specializing in the infant sector, offering quality products of the highest order.
                Minicool aims to be a lasting creative to all the companies associated with its sector.

    1. 4 Trends,
    2. 12 Collections Inspirational mood boards only available online 0GP format)
    3. Palette Colors with TCX Pantone numbers
    4. Original vector design
    5. Garments
    6. Accessories
  • Mode | Colors & Trend Forecast

    New Colors & design concepts for trend forecast. Prints & Design Textures.

  • Munsell

    Munsell Color continues the legacy of Albert H. Munsell and his dedication to helping people communicate color easily and accurately. Our aim is to provide you with effective color tools, tips, and techniques based on Munsell color theory. We’re your resource for transforming Munsell color theory into action – whether you’re designing palettes, producing products or conducting color-based analysis.

  • Next Look

    Distributor of Next Look Trend Books in India  - Design Info

    Catwalk analysis, themes and concepts for future women‘s and men‘s fashion. The must Haves and professional source of innovation for your next collections.

    All clothing ranges incl. colours, materials, styling, details, accessories. Extensive source of exclusive vector-based sketches for garments and accessories.

    Short delivery times, convenient search possibilities and simple payment methods are the advantages of this online service. we are looking forward to your visit in our trend inspiration store