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Manual Focus DSLR Camera Lens

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Yongnuo Manual Focus Lens Standard Prime Lens Large Aperture FX DX Compatible with Nikon DSLR Cameras, YN50mmF1.8N
Rs 10,799
Rs 11,999 -10%
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Key Features F1.8 large aperture,virtual background, which makes photography with more fun. Support auto focus and manual focus mode. Supports M/AV/TV/P and other camera shooting modes,and can be displayed the aperture data in the EXIF Information. Adopts high quality plastic as external structure, the overall weight is only 120g,which is convenient for outdoor shooting. Supports full-frame and APS-C format cameras.
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Samyang 135mm F 2.0 ED UMC Lens for Pentax K Mount, SY135M-P
Rs 42,990
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K Mount Lens/Full Frame Format 202.5mm (35mm Equivalent on APS-C) Aperture Range: f/2.0 to 22 One Extra-Low Dispersion Element Ultra Multi-Coating Manual Focus; Manual Aperture Ring Minimum Focus Distance: 2.6' Filter Thread Diameter: 77mm Removable Lens Hood Rounded 9-Blade Diaphragm

The manual focus on a DSLR is the true reason behind most of the stunning, visually-appealing images we see. Once you have mastered the art of using a manual focus lens, there is no going back. 

The various uses for a MF lens in a DSLR make it a preferred choice amongst photographers. You become the one truly in charge of what you capture. By adjusting to a setting that you like, you can manipulate the images to produce high-quality results. Manual focus in cameras has changed the way photographers visualize and play with their creativity.  

Uses of Manual Focus Lens

The best manual focus lenses in the market are usually those that have a variety of options of features so that you can adapt to every environment with ease. Keeping in mind the following points that describe the uses of a manual focus camera:


Aperture, which is simply the amount of light that passes through your lens and is expressed in f-numbers (f/3, f/6, and so on). On your manual focus slr lens, you can twist the dial to either allow or restrict the light from passing through. Through this, you can even adjust your depth of field to deliver sharp or blurred images. 

MF lenses help you alter the image as per your preference. Especially when the lighting conditions are bleak, this feature helps you create the perfect conditions to capture the shot. 

Depth of Field

The depth of field helps you to adjust the focal length to give you your desired look. A thin depth of field helps you achieve a shallow focus look that keeps the subject in focus while blurring the background. A large aperture makes this possible. 

On the other hand, a deep depth of field will help you capture sharp and defined images that show the true image. Keeping your aperture small will ensure that this can be achieved with ease. When you want your subject in focus, you can use your manual focus DSLR to adjust accordingly and vice-versa.

Street Photography

Most manual focus camera’s come with a preset setting so that when you want to go out and capture pictures on the street, you don’t even have to look into the viewfinder to adjust the settings. When you want to explore this kind of photography, it is often important to be able to capture moments without worrying about the lighting or the depth of field. This is where a manual focus lens comes in handy.

While it is not for everyone, but in a professional setting, knowing the usage of a manual focus DSLR is important.