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The Woolmark Company enriches The Wool Lab services by releasing an exclusive trade publication: "The Wool Lab Magazine". The magazine is available twice a year summarising all the materials that are available from "The Wool Lab" trend forecast.

"The Wool Lab" is created each season in collaboration with the world's most innovative and quality-oriented spinners and weavers It is a collection of the most beautiful wool products in line with the leading fashion and textile trends, and is created to inspire and inform fashion professionals regarding the infinite potential of Merino wool.

This inspirational book and sourcing guide includes seven inspirational themes that are the result of extensive research undertaken by The Woolmark Company through its global network, to select the best wool products worldwide as well as identify the emerging trends coming from fashion, design, art, pop culture, music and other fields.


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The Wool Lab Magazine

An inspirational tool, the latest edition of The Wool Lab dedicates 3 out 7 themes to a style that is suitable for both womenswear and menswear, highlighting the continuation in the rise of androgynous dressing.

For the first time The Wool Lab dedicates a theme to homeware products and interior textiles, as wool fabrics continue to become increasingly popular outside of traditional men’s tailoring.

The Wool Lab Preview Magazine is an inspirational seasonal guide.

It is the result of extensive research among the world’s most significant trends, sourcing inspiration not only from fashion, but also from the ultimate lifestyles, world of design, art, pop culture and pervasive trends across many other fields.

The Wool Lab Preview Magazine, a printed version of The Wool Lab Preview, includes valuable archival items that convey the long and fascinating history of wool.

It is a practical tool for people who work in the fashion industry such as spinners and weavers, as well as brands, designers, retailers, manufacturers, buyers and the media.

It helps them in guiding fashion research and stimulating the use of wool, one of the most versatile and finest natural fibres.

It highlights the enhancement of its natural qualities, encouraging innovative production processes and special treatments along the whole supply chain.

Wool has been clothing humanity for more than 10,000 years and is still highly suitable for contemporary consumers.

It’s a natural, biodegradable and renewable fibre, making it the perfect choice for those seeking clothing that has a minimal impact on the environment.

It’s the finest and most comfortable animal fibre, with a range of natural benefits such as thermoregulation and breathability.

The Wool Lab Preview inspires weavers and spinners to create their wool fabrics and yarns that will be shown in the final version of The Wool Lab, an innovative seasonal guide to the best wool fabrics and yarns in the world.

It is both a book providing inspirational themes and a sourcing guide, presenting the most innovative and commercially available wool fabrics and yarns form across the globe.

It assists designers and brands source wool, connecting them with global suppliers. It is presented globally and is available for consultation free of charge and upon request worldwide.

The Woolmark Company can provide consultations, organise workshops, seminars or one-to-one meetings regarding the collection, giving the opportunity to examine the samples, discover the technical specifications and connect with the suppliers.

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The Wool Lab Magazine Subscription A/W & S/S

The Wool Lab Magazine Subscription A/W & S/S

The Woolmark Company enriches The Wool Lab services by releasing an exclusive trade publication: "The Wool Lab Magazine". The magazine is...

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