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Learn about Colors in the life of Textile Design Studios

Colors in the life of Textile Design Studios

Colours are the most important and essential parts of any design. Colour plays a significant role in people’s way of leaving. Even after the birth of a child boys received blue or green colours dress whereas girls received the pink dress. So while choosing a colour for Pantone Formula Guide with Solid Coated Colours the designer must keep it mind that colours not only depicts only outside texture it also represents an inner sense of each product. While using colours for a product the designer believes it must represent the mood of that product.

Does Colour really makes sense?

Say for example Red relates to romances. It also stands for danger or strength. If a designer chooses the color to blue its stand for trust stability and confidence. This is the reason blue is the most common color code for many Banks. Yellow is the color of hope and happiness.  This is the reason why all smileys are yellow. White is for softness purity and peace, orange for joy and creativity, green for life and so on. Although designers have only three primary colors red, yellow and blue they can mix these and create a different type of shades for a different product. They can create many secondary colours by mixing two primary colors. The designer can create many others colors like warm colors, cold colors, neutral colors, strong colors, pale colours and so on just to catch the mood of any Panton product.

Colour affects everyday life:

Colours are a part of everyday life. It will affect all the senses sight environment and even communication.

Colour for visual communication:

Colour is used for various types of visual communication system. Delhi Metro is using various colour coding like blue line, yellow line, the violet line just to make easy for its commuters. Indian Railways was also using red for all the Rajdhani Express just to identify it. Similarly, colour coding for the signal system and Zebra crossing is a very old and traditional system everywhere. In various city’s Yellow taxi stands for the public transport system.

Colour for Political Party:

Colour coding for a political party is a very old tradition. Like in India red colour is for Left party, Green is reserved for Congress and saffron is for BJP. The same system is there in the UK also. Red for labor party blue for the conservative party and so on.

Colour for Religion:

If the designer is designing a site that is specific links to any religion he must understand some color coding for that particular religion. Green is considered the holy color for Islam, white is linked to peace in many religion, and saffron is a common color for much Hindu religion.

Colour for cultural significance:

The designer must understand the significance of color in a different culture. The Same color stands for a different meaning in different places. In Western culture, black stands for mourning whereas in Japan it stands for honor. In western country, people wear white during marriage ceremony where as in India white is used for death ceremony. So designer must be aware of the cultural significance of color while designing.

Colour for entertainment:

Nowadays the entertainment industry is using the colour and 3D graphics as their main tool. For a graphic designer, the main tool is colour. How to make things more interesting, more attractive all depends upon the combination of colour.

So colours are very important in our lives and it’s direct influences our wellbeing and mood. The designer is always extra cautious about the fact that color is the first impression of any product. So the color design of any product must be in such a way that will attract the people at first sight. Keeping this in mind the designer of Pantone is using rather we can say playing with this colors just to create the world that’s full of colors. Without colors, the world could not be imagined. It could not even be black and white since black and white are also colors! So If you want to update with the latest trends in the colors then definitely design info will help you.

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