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Kia Utzon-Frank The Idea Sculptor

Kia Utzon-Frank The Idea Sculptor

It seems as though there’s no limit to what Kia Utzon-Frank’s KUFStudio can create. One project that has gained the studio much attention is the production of small, geometric shapes that resemble desk ornaments but are in fact cakes. Utzon-Frank originally trained as a goldsmith and has now brought her eye for sleek modern design to the creation of fabulously delicious cakes.

The secret is in digitally printed marzipan and fondant icing, where Utzon-Frank is able to recreate any digital design using natural food dyes, and edible gold and silver leaf. The results are exquisite geometric marble and stone-like edible sculptures. The inside is just as amazing, made from cake infused with ganaches and jams, creating visual gradients and layers, along with flavor-gradients. This is another exciting aspect of Utzon-Frank’s designs – while her cakes are pretty to look at, their delicious and varied flavours are just as important to the finished product. Using cake as her sculptural medium, she is able to convey a whole new sense of how we experience art. Forget about not being able to touch the art – these sculptures can be held, smelled and tasted. Since breaking onto to the scene with its unusual culinary sculptures, KUFstudios has grown to incorporate the many interests that Utzon-Frank holds as a designer.

The studio is based upon her KUFidea method, where she makes a model a day, experimenting with new materials and their varying functions. This not only led to the creation of her designer cakes, one of which was commissioned for the birthday party of renowned designer Sir Terence Conran, but also to the innovative KUFtwist cordless window blind system, which could change the way we think about controlling light as a design element in living spaces. Her other projects include jewelry collections and hanging plant holders, and Utzon-Frank is also looking to expand into workshops and talks based on the UK idea method. Disparate as these objects and initiatives may seem, they are held together by the designer’s innate curiosity and her excitement over making everyday materials and objects into the extraordinary.

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