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Hues of Life, Color Trend Forecasting for SS2021

He Who Wishes To Become A Master Of Colors,.
Must See, Feel, And Experience Each Individual Color In Its Endless Combinations With All Other Colors
-Johannes Itten


The use of colors have been since the prehistoric ages, but the colors used were basic colors like red,yellow, green and black.


The color shades that can be found easily through the source of plants , or burnt wood. But, as time changed , humans became more demanding, their needs and wants became recurring in nature. Colors became a major part of everyone’s life.

It led to the existence of Primary and Secondary colors.


The use of colors have been diversified to various sectors-

  1. Printing
  2. Decorative and Protective paints
  3. Fashion
  4. Furnishings

Our Company, Design Info has been providing infinite color forecasts to various industries. The forecasts, mainly is related to future trends that keep our customers always upfront and forward in their respective , competitive market.

We have been forecasting new color trends, combinations and application since 1945. Be it CMYK shade cards, or the present vivid, vibrant, endless combination of color hues – Pantone shade cards.


Pantone color palettes are the new generation colors. The 21st century theme is -environment friendly,serene/elegant/poise,retro etc.,they have changed the meaning of color,as they have created, and still come with many futuristic colors,with  every possible combination that exists.


Pantone Color shade cards are created by the Pantone LLC, situated in New Jersey. Pantone LLC, Munsell Color and X-Rite are all subsidiaries of Danaher Corp. situated at Washington DC. Danaher Corp. is a Fortune 500 listed and Forbes – best employee friendly Organisation. It is a Conglomerate Company, with its sub- divisions in dental, environmental and applied solutions, life sciences and Diagnostics.

Pantone LLC., Munsell Color,and X-Rite all comes under the environmental and applied solutions.

All this three subsidiaries, mainly are into Color Shading Cards, Swatch Cards, Measurement and monitoring System for colors, etc.,and they mostly cater to the printing sectors. Mostly, in the Printing Sectors CMYK Colors are used, i.e., Cyan, Magenta,Yellow and Black. But, then PMS, i.e., Pantone Matching System was introduced , by an employee of Pantone LLC.

 PMS uses CMYK Colors and PMS Color Charts as its base, and this system created colors that did not collide with other colors. All color Combinations created had its own unique distinctive characteristics, which made each color stand- out on its own. PMS all created fluorescent and metallic, which were different from the usual CMYK diapason. Presently, there are 1,867 spot colors and still counting. Pantone Color Institute, comes with new sui generis every year. ULTRA VIOLET (Shade-  PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet), the idealist color which defines Utopia. Presently, for the year, the Pantone Shade is LIVING CORAL (Shade- PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral),this invigorating color defines femininity ( serene and calm, yet strong to its roots). The Pantone colors are not only used in Printing Sector, but also are an inspiration for new ideas for the Fashion industry, catering to the, Fabric Making, Shoe Making, Cosmetics , etc., Even the Pantone colors are used in creating Logos. Now, these colors need a measuring system for proper applications and Shade cards for easy selection and matching.

Top Pantone & X-Rite Products

Hence, X-Rite and Munsell Colors Provide the necessary measuring systems and shade cards.

Our DESIGN INFO institution has been providing futuristic trends in various combinations and applications of Color, since 1945.

We have seen the trends of color changing from simple CMYK to the new Pantone color palettes. As, we are age old institution, we understand the change in trends, in all this years. Presently, the customers look for serenity, calmness, yet unique and elegant, like, the Color PEACH. We are the only dealers and suppliers for the Pantone color shade cards, and trend forecast subscriptions that are internationally acclaimed. We not only cater to the printing industry, but also to the various divisions of Fashion industry like, shoes, clothing, bags, etc.,home Furnishings, home interiors and many design industries. We get our inspiration through our long experiences of catering to our customer needs as per their imagination and also, through our surroundings. Our surroundings are full of unique ideas and inspirations.

With thorough study and research, we have many trend forecasting books catering to home, kids, men, women etc., We provide In-house trends forecasting books and also international acclaimed books. Our books showcases future trends and also applications.

Our institution also specializes in various measurement tools providing accurate data, by X-Rite and shade cards and swatch cards by Munsell Colors. We are catering to Pan India customer needs. Till now we have inspired over 5000 companies, and +9500 manufacturers with our futuristic trendy color forecasts. Design Info, in collaboration with international firms Pantone, RAL, X-Rite and Munsell provide the customers with colorful inspiration.

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