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How to be creative in a Space of Colors

How to be creative in a Space of Colors

The fun thing about moving into a new house is that it’s like a blank canvas for your imagination and creativity. I’ve always had a passion for interior design and art so for me personally, it’s a very exciting prospect. Having my own personal space where I can decorate it and style it the way I want and have my personality shine through the décor. How you decorate your home says a lot about you; your style, your preferences and most of all your taste.  While it takes me a long time to get the furniture, the art work and the lighting of my choice, it takes even longer to choose the perfect paint. The color of your walls is very crucial when it comes to décor as it can make or break a room. I don’t want the horror of having conflicting walls and furniture which is why I always make it a priority to match my preferences beforehand. I like to decorate the walls according to the furniture I already own or color it then pick out the furniture to match my walls.

Source of the Color Space

Since I get so many ideas in my mind, it becomes really hard to picture what I truly desire when it comes to décor. Having a good friend with similar taste as yours to help you through it is perfect but if you don’t have one, like me you can lean towards Pantone Solid Colour Book. It has every shade imaginable which makes my work a lot easier.

Pantone Solid Colour Book has a total of 1,867 colors which is an addition of 112 new colors added to the old edition. This paper product has all the coated colors as well as uncoated colors, also known as solid colors, included in the package which is divided into two guides. Besides helping me with home décor, the book has also helped me enhance my creative side. I’ve been able to discover and integrate so many new colors in my art work.

What are the many ways in which you can use the Pantone Solid Colour Book? The choices are amazing! Each color code in the guide comes with ink formulations as well as coordinating numbers, which helps to achieve the most accurate color on printed materials. This is why it is the most trusted book on spot-colour printing and branding. The formula guide is used in various industries including paper printing, chemical testing, plastics, and pharmaceuticals. You can use it for a spot on printing, logos, color sampling, painting, graphic designing, and branding. As I said, the possibilities are endless.

The colors I had always felt quite limited no matter how many of them I mixed together. What I love the most about this book is how it introduced me to so many unique shades of colors. From bright and bold to soft and elegant, the colors were unique and exceeded my expectations. It made my imagination come to life and made my creativity flourish. After decorating my walls with the colors picked from the book, I used it to create a few boldcolor painting to match the walls. I enjoyed sitting with my friends discussing which color looked best with the furniture and at the same time they explored their creative side as well with the color samples. The book helped me achieve the dream décor I always wanted.

Pantone Formula Guide is the best color chart and a must-have tool for designers and professionals involved in the business of color consulting and color intelligence. Their Textile Design Studio helps you express your inner creativity and experiment with numerous beautiful colors.

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