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NOVOLTEX NOVOLTEX NEW JACQUARDS Jacquard fabric designs swatches in general on silk, viscose, polyester and other synthetic or natural fibres, for shirts, ladies jackets, dresses, suits and slaks. 2 volumes a year 1 spring/summer and 1 autumn/winter 1 volume ½ year 1 spring/summer or 1 autumn/winter book format: cm 32x30x6
Trend Bible Home & Interior Trends A/W & S/S
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Trend Bible Home & Interior Trends Autumn Winter 2017/18 offers our global client base the opportunity to see a distilled, edited selection of research from over eight months of research by the Trend Bible team. Clustered into four main design trends per season, each book blends our own styled photographs with sourced imagery that add a commercial dynamic to these 24 month forecasts. Each book includes our Trend Driver reports that provide the context within which the design trends will exist, 4 key seasonal trends with colour, print, product, material and design detail directions.
A + A Home Interior Trends Book A/W & S/S
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A +A Home Interior Trends book is a trend forecast book for the home furnishing & interior sector. There are 4 unique trend themes, each introduced by a trend collage. Includes the general color range with the samples of the yarn threads & reference to Pantone & RAL Color Numbers. Colors are exclusively dyes by the A+A design studio. Well defined vision studio with contemporary Asian & European Mood trends.  Colors Trends represented in the best manner with actual thread samples which you can feel.
Next Interior Trend S/S & A/W
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Each trend is described in detail with text and keywords, as well as inspiration from both individual product images as collage. 2 main colours are highlighted for each trend and in various colour combinations for the 4 main styles "Soft Tech", "Romantic Heritage", "Neo Nordic" and "Caribbean Glam"". All colours are presented in original Pantone® cotton TCX and printed on paper in closest possible match. This is the perfect tool for interior designers and buyers, to use in its collection work and to bring on their purchasing trips.
Pantone View Colour Planner S/S & A/W (Color Forecast Trend Book)
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Pantone View Color Planner Spring Summer Edition and Autumn Winter Editions Color Forecast Trend Books are one of the most import sources of Color Trends. Internationally established and successful colour forecast featuring reliable and market-ready trend themes Early publishing date: available 18 months ahead of the season Comprehensive imagery with inspirations for moods, materials, structures and patterns 8 colour themes are included in the Pantone View Colour Planner consisting of more than 50 colours in total and providing proposals for typical fields of application and colour combinations Pantone View Color Planner is all about Color Stories,  Merging Memories and Dreams The PANTONEVIEW color Planner Autumn/Winter & Spring Summer fashion color trend forecast offers seasonal inspiration, key color directives, urged color harmonies and material and merchandise application across men’s, women’s, active wear, color cosmetics, interior, and industrial style. Defining what we are doing, thinking, planning, and feeling, the concept of time is an integral part of our lives. The color palettes capture the many facets of time; the fast and furious, the slow and simple, the past and future. Crossing the now towards more futuristic expression, colors range from classic arrangements through to fully saturated, punchy narratives. In a balance between the familiar and the strange, the dark and the light, conventional color stories reinterpreted into adventurous scenarios lead us to newer and more unique color expressions.
Ready Made Colour Trend Forecast Book A/W & S/S
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Readymade colour trend forecast book A/W and S/S is a book that analyses and forecasts colour trends that focus on the flourishing colour palettes for all design industries. In interior design, the designer uses colour to combine his/her design sense and the client’s choice. Every colour invokes a different reaction based on its use and people choose different wall colours or furnishing colours based on their temperament and purpose of the room, Brands and companies are selective with their logo colours as the recognisability of a depend on it.

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