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Home Interior Colours can change how we feel, change how we view the world, reinvent the bland, provide spectacle, and help us tell powerful stories. Colour can seduce us. Indeed, the power of colour is widely acknowledged as the key influence in purchasing decisions; a seminal US study called Impact of Color in Marketing found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products are based on colour alone. Effective use of colour can not only contribute to differentiating products, but also influence our moods and feelings – positively or negatively. Many studies have showed that red pills are more effective stimulants than blue pills, while blue pills are more effective sleeping tablets than pills of any other colour. This is true even in tests where the coloured pills were placebos, containing no stimulants or sedatives, underlining the power of our intuitive, probably primal, associations with certain colours. Colour thus functions as a strong primer, exerting a direct influence on our motivation and on our psychological and physiological responses, without our conscious awareness. In a complex, choice-heavy marketplace, it has never been more important to get the colour message right. As a futures research studio, our aim has always been to demystify the forecasting process, and to provide contextual grounding for emerging design and colour directions, linking socio-cultural shifts with specific aesthetic cues and resonating mindsets. Within this inaugural issue of Viewpoint Colour we aim to do just that: to combine inspiration with context, and to provide an in-depth analysis of the personality traits of emerging colour stories, explaining why they are relevant now and how they are currently being applied. We aim to celebrate the poetic qualities of colour, and the inspiring, artistic and aesthetic power of colour in design. We also make room to explore a more scientific approach to colour, unpacking its psychological and psychological impact. In this first issue we explore the theme Neo-Nature and the redefinition of nature and the natural world, as we start to witness the long-term effects of human impact on the planet. With predictions for future urban migration at an all-time high, our natural habitat will increasingly become the built environment rather than the rural, in turn reframing what we consider to be ‘natural’. With ecological and social pressures threatening the production and consumption status quo, designers and material scientists are rising to the challenge of presenting a new landscape for design, converging old skills with new materials and old materials with new skills. The emerging colour landscape is nature engineered, in which resources are reconsidered and future raw material is composed of today’s waste. We hope you enjoy the first issue of Viewpoint Colour magazine. Thank you to all of our contributors and collaborators for their work on this issue, and also to the people who have spent time sharing their thoughts and insights with us.

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Reports and features on medium- and long-term developments of target groups, future markets, product, design and sales strategies. Deep going analysis of consumer behaviour, socio-economic developments, cultural trends and lifestyle together with sound conclusions and proposals for new product design and marketing strategies. Viewpoint puts design into perspective, confirms emerging directions, monitors and reconfirms maturing ideas and provide a voice of authority and integrity for decision-makers in the fields of textiles, fashion, beauty, graphics, architecture, interior and industrial design. retail, media and marketing.
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Trend information made applicable to interior and more market sectors Mix magazine Subscription is the leading design journal for interiors, architecture and industrial design. It is structured into 6 sections and addendum: - Observer featuring news on people, brands, ceramics, concepts, shows, furniture, architecture, technology, retail, colour, cars, trends, materials, soft furnishings, kitchens, bathrooms, surface treatments, lighting and other topics -Exhibitions providing a forward look at the international show circuit Subscribe from the latest edition now.
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VIEWPOINT COLOUR Magazine - THE LANGUAGE OF COLOUR! Created by View Publications in collaboration with FranklinTill Associates, Viewpoint Colour is a unique magazine devoted to colour. Catering to all colour conscious industries, VIEWPOINT COLOUR provides visual inspiration, direction and a global perspective on colour from the world's leading colour experts. It is a sister magazine and the perfect complement to our highly successful, VIEWPOINT DESIGN*, dedicated to product innovation.