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GIANANTONIO LOCATELLI Founder, Museo della Merda


Agricultural entrepreneur Gianantonio Locatelli opened the Museo della Merda (Museum of Shit) in Lombardy in 2015. Housed in a medieval castle sited on his dairy farm, the museum highlights the uses of excrement: methane from cow dung is used as an energy source, while the dung itself is not only used as fertilizer but as material to make plaster and bricks. The museum also displays related artifacts and artworks. ‘The main idea that drives a revolution is transformation. We are using one of the poorest materials on Earth and not only using it, but more importantly transforming it, in numerous creative ways. We are giving a second life to a subject that has a low perceived value.’

GIANANTONIO LOCATELLI Founder, Museo della Merda
GIANANTONIO LOCATELLI Founder, Museo della Merda

‘I think people are really starting to appreciate the importance of a local dimension when talking about design and creativity. We are sticking to our local values and, of course, to our vision and I think we are doing a good job delivering our point of view to the public. We have demonstrated this by winning design awards over big international brands such as Nike, Pepsi and Vitra.’

‘I believe that every sort of manufacture could be decentralised. Going back to a more natural and, in a way, primary way of producing (and, consequently, living) is something we strongly believe in. Agriculture is a demonstration of this specific way of seeing life: we are able to take more advantage of our local resources.’

‘We base Museo della Merda on a story; as a consequence of this our narrative is strong and relevant. On top of this we carry and deliver a precise message that can be easily understood by the community. Brands nowadays are expressing and addressing the needs of communities. As part of this culture we think that everything that we do has our intrinsic values in it. Starting with our name, we want people to understand that even what is mostly considered waste can be transformed in something relevant for everybody.’

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