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Frances Edgerly – Cofounder Assemble

Frances Edgerly

Visual artist and designer Frances Edgerley is a cofounder of the Assemble architecture collective. Her background is in philosophy and psychology, and her personal artistic practice includes digital art, sculpture, and performance. Assemble develops successful projects on problematic public spaces, using design as a tool for improving the city’s social and cultural life. Assemble’s groundbreaking Granby Workshop project won the Turner Prize in 2015

‘Granby Workshop is a new business we are developing in Toxteth, Liverpool, where we have been working for the past five years. It is one part of a collection of projects that we have been working on to support the community-led regeneration of the area – exploring commercial structures that can also foster the creative, hands-on activity that has brought about such immense change in the area. I think is embedded in specific locations and nurturing long-term, meaningful relationships with communities are important.’ Skills and knowledge sharing can empower people (and communities) to be more self-sufficient. At Granby Workshop we work with individuals who have a personal connection to the area, and support staff to learn and develop with the business.’ ‘Location is important. As is your front door and how you interact with your neighbors.’

Frances Edgerly
Frances Edgerly

‘Brands need to think carefully about what capacity already exists within the business that could be accessed by others. At Granby Workshop we are opening up our facilities to local economic and creative networks.’ ‘Today people are more aware than ever of the extended impact of how they spend their money. Probably because of the internet and access to information, people realize that how or where they choose to spend their money contributes to broader structures in the world. People like to feel good about systems that they’re complicit in.’ ‘Granby Workshop encourages people to reconsider the potential of everyday materials and activities through its product range – including barbecued ceramics, and fireplaces made from the rubble. Business can always be more resourceful, and use local materials and skills where possible.’

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