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The new Kids fashion forecast magazine outfits line-up along the catwalk, the inspirational themes, the choice of color palettes are the key elements of any fashion show which is still the most complete and expressive mean to seize the features of a clothing collection.

Latest Edition & Subscription available for all Kids fashion magazines.

6-7 Months Published in advance of Next Season

Fashion Gallery Kids Magazine has shows of every fashion week, browsable page after page to find out the creations and new musts proposed by the top designers playing in the international market system. Milan, Paris London & New York Top designer collections included with HD images.


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Fashion Gallery Kids Magazine

Every designer has the need for a source that will answer all their queries about the latest fashion trends. If you too have been hunting for the perfect child wear magazine then Fashion Gallery Kidswear magazine is where your search ends. This kidswear fashion magazine is an all-encompassing guide that can truly motivate you. It has complete info on the upcoming trends, shades, draperies and prints. Fashion Gallery Kidswear magazine is a must for your collection of kidswear fashion forecast magazine. This magazine for kidswear designing is Printed 2 to 3 times a year and is one of the most coveted children wear magazine.

Fashion Gallery Kids Magazine has details of all forth coming styles, prints, colours and fabrics of children’s wear and accessories.

Fashion designers all over the globe look forward to the trends forecasted by the top designers from Paris, Milan, London and New York. Being published more than seven months ahead of the next season Fashion Gallery Kids Magazine is the foremost choice for every designer who craves to know what the kids fashion world has in store ahead.

Thanks to online marketing gigs, though there is an explosion of data available online, you only see the paid sites first and obviously have no time to keep browsing all day. Fashion Gallery Kids Magazine is your one stop shop for all the queries of What’s in, What’s Out and What’s trending. This kidswear apparel magazine is a result of comprehensive exploration by stalwarts and consultants in the fashion industry. It has extensive data from well-known fashion gurus, as well as international fashion shows, providing extensive research analysis from the experts thus saving you loads of time to work on your creativity.

If you need to know what styles, prints or fabrics and accessories are emerging the latest kids wear designer clothes magazine gives you enough of fodder to set your creativity and imagination rolling. It offers inspiring themes that can be artistically merged to create your own signature style.

The best feature of this intriguing children wear magazine are the high-resolution graphic imageries complemented with the graphical design concepts that appeals to the creative minds and stimulates them to create new and beautiful designs.

Highlights of the Magazine include

  • Trends of the International Trade Fair- Pitti Bimbo at Florence and Madrid.

  • Catwalk Survey that gives you a sneak peek into latest trends.

  • Style statements from top designers of Milan, Paris, London and New York.

  • Inspiring designs by Sarah Jane.

  • High Definition Picture quality that are indeed awe inspiring.

  • Scintillating Designs and styles inspired by the theme of Autumn farmland.

  • Mesmerizing fashion trends using shades of Grey and steel

  • Classy and trendy Salt and pepper thick nets.

  • Enthralling moods inspired by the lively colors of leaves of grapevine and Maple.

  • Fabrics and accessories inspired by shades of bark and soil.

  • Featured Micro, Floral and chequered prints designs with high-resolution picture quality.

  • The Summer Collection is inspired by shades of waters.


  • The book is simply amazing and inspiring for fresh designers.

  • It offers fresh new looks and designs for toddlers and teenagers.

  • Trendy accessories that help kids create a style statement.

  • The shades of earth are very well crafted into ecstatic styles for both girls and boys.

  • The Fashion Gallery Kidswear Magazine is very aptly rated the best magazine for budding fashion designers who can gain from the extensive research data that it offers.

  • Excellent accessorizing options and stimulating trends of head gears, boots and slings for the younger generation.

  • The beach wear collection is simply breath taking and easily adaptable to suit the needs of kids of all ages.

  • With the awesome use of shades of autumn the Fashion Gallery Kidswear Magazine is easily the best kids summer fashion trends magazine this season.

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Fashion Gallery Kids Magazine Subscription A/W & S/S

Fashion Gallery Kids Magazine Subscription A/W & S/S

Kidswear CATWALK SURVEY, MAIN Kidswear TRENDS & NEW ESSENTIALS, SELECTED BRANDS  The new Kids fashion forecast magazine outfits line-up...

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