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BTT Men Collection Suiting & Jacketing Fabric Swatch Book
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Content 1) General description about seasonal trends, spirit of the collection, feelings and moods. 2) Approximately 400 swatches divided in 4 themes: classic jacket, formal suit, trend suit and trend jacket. 3) Proposal of trend color ways for each theme. Each shade is accompanied by PANTONE code.
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NOVOLTEX NOVOLTEX NEW JACQUARDS Jacquard fabric designs swatches in general on silk, viscose, polyester and other synthetic or natural fibres, for shirts, ladies jackets, dresses, suits and slaks. 2 volumes a year 1 spring/summer and 1 autumn/winter 1 volume ½ year 1 spring/summer or 1 autumn/winter book format: cm 32x30x6

Specializing in fabric collections for men, every season produces hundreds of new design motifs for suits, jackets and trousers, the line with the most up-to-date fashion trends created with exclusive CAD system with high fidelity reproduction. These drawings are used for the exclusive collections of the various customers and for the creation of TEXTILE WORKSHOP MENS and STYLE, FANCY and DESIGN books, and are also available online through this E-Commerce site, available to all fabric manufacturers and manufacturers. that they consider using this service. Fabric Swatch books are a must to any fabric manufacturer.