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Everytable – Best California Fat, Salt & Chicken, Los Angeles, US

Everytable Best California Fat Salt Chicken, Los Angeles US

Fast food – two F-words which get a bad rap, with many grab-and-go meals high in fat, salt and sugar, and low in quality and wholesomeness. A Californian social enterprise, devoted to bringing healthy, affordable food to low-income communities is, however, reforming the quick service restaurant as we know it. There are no buckets of fried chicken here – at Every table in South Los Angeles, fresh, flavorsome choices include Yucatán chili, made with chickpeas, beans and black-eyed peas, and a Vietnamese salad with mung bean noodles and pickled cauliflower.

The price is right, too, as charges are based on the income of local residents. There are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, and menu items take inspiration from the local community. In the South Los Angeles area, for instance, Latinos make up the majority of residents so menus are available in both English and Spanish, and dishes include pozole, a traditional Mexican stew. Affordable, tasty and healthy fast food? What a delicious idea.

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