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DJI OM4 vs DJI OM5 | Major Differences | Not Worth the Upgrade


Why is OM4 better than OM5?

  • Rs6,000 more expensive. Add a little more and you could probable get a 4k action camera of DJI
  • Magnetic Clamp in OM4 and OM5 is the same, there is no difference in the magnet
  • Compatible Phone load weight max capacity is exactly the same.
  • OM4 is richer to hold with a grip, OM5 has a plain sleek design which has higher chances of slipping
  • OM4 has operating time of 15 hours. Om5 has operating time of 6.4 hours
  • OM4 battery capacity is 2450mah vs OM5 only 1000mah.
  • OM4 is only 100grams heavier than OM5, which is non noticable, Infact as per expert reviews, the 100grams makes it easier to hold the phone, reducing the shaking

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