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Denim Fabrics Update Best of Garmon, Kassim, Arvind & Tavex

Denim Fabrics Update Best of Garmon, Kassim, Arvind & Tavex


Garmon Denim Styles
Garmon Denim Styles

At Kingpins, Amsterdam, Garmon launched nimbus-z – part of a range of chemical auxiliaries and dyes specifically developed to be nebulized in closed systems such as washing machines. By working with Tonello Garment Finishing Technologies and the world leading enzyme producer, Novozymes, only negligible levels of airborne enzymes were detected when using nimbus-z – meaning this is the very first safe enzyme spray process for denim. It also offers benefits that include optimized chemical consumption, up to 80% water saving and significant energy saving. As explained by Alberto De Conti, chief marketing officer at Garmon Chemicals, this is the third revolutionary wave in denim finishing. First, there was the ‘Solid Age’ (late 1960s pumice stone-washing); then came the ‘Liquid Age’ (1990s introduction of enzymes); now, we enter the ‘Nebulisation Age’ with nimbus-z.


Arvind won the prestigious Fabric Award at the Global Denim Awards, held in Amsterdam last October, for its khadi denim development. Khadi denim not only embraces the heritage of traditional Indian denim fabrics (khadi dates back to before India’s independence), but also supports the local community who are making it in the traditional way: hand spinning, hand dyeing and hand weaving on shuttle looms. Arvind ensures it is a sustainable and on-going business for the community. For them it is about quality cloth, where the people who make it earn what they deserve for their skills and talent. T


Tavex Denim Style Brand Update
Tavex Denim Style Brand Update

For Summer 2018, Tavex introduced T-Flow, a range of lightweight and softly structured women’s fabrics. Providing a real, retro vintage aesthetic with true blue casts and authentic, thrifted surfaces and touch, the T-Flow developments are ideal for classic 1970s silhouettes such as the figure-hugging and high waisted, loose-leg flare. Continuing this nostalgic theme, Vintage 170 is a collection of vintage-looking fabrics that have been faithfully recreated with authenticity at the core in 100% cotton fabrics, made with skill and designed to last.


At Denim PV, Kassim launched the ‘World’s first connected jean’ that logs GPS, body temperature, humidity, activity etc (like a Fitbit on your butt!). The tech is built into the coin pocket, but the plan is to develop further so it could be contained in a button or rivet. On their stand at the show a large screen displayed in real time the movements of a model wearing the jeans to highlight how the data is gathered. Kassim also launched the ‘World’s first 3D printed denim’; still in early development stages, it is made with TRT – a polyester resin made from recycled polyester. It is biodegradable, flexible and breathable and can be dyed and treated as regular indigo denim. Definitely worth watching developments here.

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