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Denim Fabric News – Calik, Denim, Prym Italia & Candiani

Denim Fabric News - Calik, Denim, Prym Italia & Candiani


CALIK Brand Denim Styles
CALIK Brand Denim Styles

Calik Denim presented ‘Confluences – when blue meets blue’ as the underlying 2018 message. Product-wise, the Renovated collection of authentic, open-end looking qualities that are reimagined using today’s technologies to improve performance and handle, appeared in two, distinct new colors: Holiday Blue and Dream Blue. Both the Curve and Circular Elastech collections focus on innovation in stretch, recovery, and performance, the latter having Lycra dual FX® technology both in the warp and weft, providing optimum shape retention and controlled shrinkage during production. Raw Stretch combines the look of raw denim with the comfort of stretch with no crocking issues and antibacterial and anti-odor properties. Meanwhile, Knitrogene provides the comfort of knitwear whist maintaining evident twill lines and a real denim look.


DEN/IM is the result of a collaboration between Lenzing, Tonello, Santoni & United. First launched at Munich Fabric Start and presented again at Kingpins in Amsterdam, the aim of the collaboration was to produce a pair of sustainable jeans using fibers that had been recycled by a Lenzing technology from which United created a yarn that is knitted on a Santoni circular knitting machine in just seven minutes. After just one cut and one stitch line, the fabric tube is then transformed into a pair of jeans and then finished using Tonello ozone and laser technology. From beginning to end, this revolutionary process saves not just new raw material, chemical dyes, water, and electricity, but also time.



At Kingpins, Amsterdam, Prym Italia launched ‘The L.I.F.E. approach’. L.I.F.E. stands for “Low Impact Finish Ensemble” and is a new process whereby metals used for snaps, rivets etc. can be colored without using traditional electroplating processes. The stats stack up pretty convincingly with 50-90% less water usage (depending on the color), 16% less electricity, 98% fewer chemicals, and up to 65% less waste. What began three years ago as a development for Levi’s is now a key focus in the Prym Italia collection with trims available in almost all colors (bright gold is still yet to be perfected). Plus, it costs around 30% less than the traditional approach (in EU, not Asian terms).


CANDIANI Brand on Denims
CANDIANI Brand on Denims

Italian denim specialist Candiani made a bold claim to be ‘The Greenest Mill in the Blue World’. But what are their eco and sustainable credentials? Firstly, not only do they produce their denim in a nature reserve (meaning their default consumption of water, chemicals, energy, emissions and waste management is already far below industry standard), but they use all sustainable fibres (BCI cotton, recycled cotton, Tencel, MicroModal) and pre-reduced indigo dyes (saving 52-63% on two of the most common chemicals used). Plus in 2016 they signed KOTEX and introduce CHITOSAN – a natural polymer obtained from crustacean shells. This ingredient can significantly improve eco credentials further with more than 50% less water consumption in the dyeing and finishing process, and no polluting chemicals. Plus, it helps water purification at the mill and laundry!

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