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Colors of Different Signature Smartphone

Smartphones are currently the talk of the town with new features and technologies evolving every day. Along with providing technological improvements, manufacturers have been providing more personalisation and customisability options by offering more colour options which reflect one’s lifestyle and match their sense of fashion. Gone are the days when you had limited colour options like black, grey, silver, and gold to choose from while purchasing your new phone. Smartphone manufacturers have experimented with colours in order to stand apart and thus give us some gorgeous phones. The list is as follows:

Apple iPhone Rose Gold 

The Apple Iphone’s Rose Gold variant had turned heads for sure. In 2015, when the Apple iPhone 6s had launched in Grey, Silver, and Gold variants, the Iphone’s Rose Gold colour stood apart and was a style statement. The colour was very well received by the fairer sex. Many smartphone manufacturers have tried to mimic the colour but the sheer beauty and finish were exclusive only to Apple. 

Google Pixel Series Colours 

The Google Pixel series of smartphones have always been style statements. The Pixel line of smartphones come with a dual-tone and dual-finish colour schemes which stand out without seeking too much attention. The colour schemes are subtle which goes well with all types of people. The smartphones incorporate both glossy and metallic finish. The naming of colours is also very quirky. Just Black, Clearly White, White & Black, Kinda Blue, Not Pink and Purple-ish are some of the best of the lot. 

Huawei P30 Pro Breathing Crystal 

Huawei’s flagship comes in a wide array of colours which are equally stunning but when it comes to gradient finish, the Breathing Crystal colour is extremely unique as it has multiple colours in one. The colours shift according to the light and the viewing angles. The Breathing crystal offers more than two colours, unlike its competitors which only offer two gradient colours.

HTC U Series Colours 

HTC had launched new colours starting from its U series of smartphones. The colours Sapphire Blue, Cosmetic Pink, Ice White, and Brilliant Black stand out in the flagship segment. The colours have a glossy finish and some of them even offer varying colour gradients when viewed from different angles. The colours are extremely rare and make a style statement for the user. 

LG W30 Aurora Green 

Spotting a green coloured phone is as rare as spotting a diamond. LG has offered some stunning colours on its phones but one of the most unique ones is the Aurora Green variant of the LG W30. The phone is quite affordable and it can help you make a style statement without breaking the bank. 

Microsoft Lumia Series 

Microsoft’s Lumia series of smartphones were known for their Windows Mobile OS and for the wide range of colour and customisability options offered to the consumer. The Lumia series offered colours like Orange, Green, Cyan, Black, and White. Microsoft was one of the very few companies to offer Green and Orange variants on their smartphones. 

Nokia Copper 

Nokia phones are known for their build quality and clean software. When Nokia had shifted from Windows Mobile to Android, the new smartphones had stunning build quality and gorgeous colours to choose from. Many colours like Copper, Blue, White, and Black were offered but the Copper variant was very different and had not been offered by any other manufacturer. Nokia’s Copper variants offer the right balance of colour, without making it look like Brown. 

Nokia Lumia Series 

When Nokia was using the Windows OS, it had taken funkiness to a whole new level by offering variants like Magenta, Orange, Yellow, Green and Cyan. These funky colours appealed to the younger audience and the traditional colours like Black, Grey, and White appealed to the older folks. Thus, Nokia had catered to every one according to their needs and lifestyle. 

Samsung Purple  

Samsung had always offered conventional colours like Blue, Black, Gold, and White in its flagships, this trend was changed when it had launched the Galaxy S9. The Galaxy S9 was offered in Lilac Purple variant which had a subtle and light finish. The Purple colour was even available in the Galaxy Note 9. 

Sony Xperia Lime Green 

Sony has been known for experimenting in terms of features, technologies, and software. Sony had always offered its phones with good variants and colour options. When Apple had experimented with the Gold colour to produce the Rose Gold variants, Sony followed a similar approach and offered the Lime Gold variant.

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