Color Shade Cards

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NCS Shade Card Index 2050 Original [2022 Edition], NCS Color Chart Book
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A reference colour palette that enables you to quickly identify colours on the spot. NCS Index Shade Card contains all the 2050 standard NCS colour standards and is easy to carry along as a complete reference library. The colour palette also contains markings in the NCS Circle and the NCS Triangle on each page that show the position of the colours in the NCS Colour Space for fast analysis of the colour. NCS Original 2050 Shade cards contains all the NCS Colors and is a must for the paint industry. The best NCS Paint shade card is the NCX INDEX 2050 Original. Buy in India at the best price.
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Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated & Uncoated GP1601A Book [2022 Edition]
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Free Original Protection cover Case for both Pantone Formula guides.

Number of Colors in current latest guide: 2,161
New Colors Added: 294
Older edition GP1601N had 1,867 colors
Guides: 2 - [Coated & Uncoated]
Original, Sealed Packed, Ideal for Printing, Packaging, Graphic Designing, Chemicals, Inks and Pharmaceuticals.

The New Pantone Formula Guide Plus Series GP1601A with the plus series released on 4th Jan, 2022 has a total of 2,161 colors, which is an addition of 294 new colors added to the old edition - GP1601N. This paper product, Pantone Formula Guide has all the coated colors as well as uncoated colors [Solid Colors] included in the package which is divided into 2 Guides.
One Guide has all the coated colors which have an initial of 'C' starting and the other guide has all colors which have an initial of 'U'. Overall the Pantone Color Chart has all the spot colors and Pantone PMS colors. This Pantone Color Formula Guide is used for upto 3 colours printing. Pantone C Color formulas and U color formulas codes, which have all the color combinations and shades in CMYK and RGB Codes are included with the Pantone Formula Guide set book.Suggested Upgrade: Pantone Color Bridge for Advanced Color Matching in CMYK & RGB
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RAL K7 Colour Shade Chart Fan Deck 213 RAL CLASSIC Cards [2022 Edition]
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RAL CLASSIC K7 Colour Shade Card - The world‘s leading industrial colour collection
The RAL CLASSIC K7 colour collection has been essential for the precise communication of colours in the paints, chemicals and automotive industry for over 80 years. The, 'RAL' term is the exact same colour everywhere in the world. (Now available in India) It has in paper format and is coated with the original RAL colors manufactured in Germany. The shade cards open in the shape of a fan and is easily portable as it is of a perfect handy size. 
Latest 2021 Edition, Imported in 2022, RAL K7 Colour Chart - Colour fan deck cards with 215 RAL Classic colors:

Fan deck size 5.0 x 15.0 cm compact and perfect size for matching.
Colour illustration 2.0 x 5.0 cm for each of the 213 shades.
Five colors on each page of the ral shade card to view the color contrast effectively.
This in a Gloss Color format shade card.
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RAL D2 Colour Fan Deck DESIGN 1,825 [2022 Edition]
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The Creation of RAL DESIGN Colour references has made life little easier for architects, designers, advertising agencies and many others for advanced colour management. The development of RAL DESIGN colour fan has bought an amenity for various designers, architects and many others they make use of RAL design colour fan to miss match various colour combinations.  RAL DESIGN D2 colour chart incorporates the intact collection of explicit colours which are quite simple to use, and it offers various professional colour users, a simple 7 digit code system for leisure of selection.
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Pantone TPG Colour Guide Fashion, Home + Interiors FHIP110A [2022 Edition], Pantone TPG Shade Card & TPG Chart
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Total Colors: 2625
No. of New Colors: 315
Old Pantone TPG Edition had 2310 Colors.
Protection Cover for Guide Included Free.
Official Release - 6th Jan 2022
ColorPrefix : TPG
Total 2 Guides Included in this Package: Part1 & Part 2 incl 315 Additional Colors.
Original Seal Packed.

The New Pantone Color Guide for Fashion, Home & Interiors will be available for ready dispatch in India on 6th Jan 2022. This updated edition of Fashion & Home Color guide has 315 new colors, which is the latest edition for 2022. The Guide has all colors split into 2 for better usage. This product is imported from Pantone Llc, USA and has the Color Manager software included in it. Pantone TPG Colour Guide is widely used in Home Furnishing, Architecture, Textile Color Matching, Furniture and is the best alternative to expensive TCX products. Buy Pantone Color Guide & Pantone FHIP Colour Guide, now with a special offer price. Assuring the lowest and best price in India.
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RAL K5 Colour Charts (2 Pieces Combo) Semi Matte & Gloss [2022 Edition]
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A Special pack for the RAL K5 Color Charts - Gloss & Semi-Matte - The world‘s leading paint, chemicals and powser industrial colour collection of charts. This package will have 2 colour charts in both the gloss and matt finish.
There is a Special Discount for Both Semi Matte and Gloss Finish for RAL K5 as they originally come in a pack.  You can even buy both the Color Charts separately from the following links:

RAL K5 Semi Matte

Ral K5 Gloss

Some specifications of the package of color charts are as follows:

RAL K5 - Colour fan deck with 216 RAL CLASSIC colours in Glossy and Semi-Matte Finish.

U-shaped protective cover

Full-page colour illustration 5.0 x 15.0 cm

Well-suited for colour combinations and colour comparisons

Semi matt + Gloss Finish present.

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Pantone TCX Cotton Passport FHIC200A | TCX Color Chart [2022 Edition]
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The New Pantone TCX Cotton Passport Book with 2625 Colors is an ideal book for manufacturers and beginners in the Pantone TCX colours world.

Size of each chip - 1cm X 1.5cm.
2,625 market-driven PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Colors
Includes 315 New Colors
Convenient, portable accordion format
2020 Edition

The Pantone TCX Passport has a convenient accordion format allows you to see a large number of permanently affixed chips at a glance, making it easy to be inspired on the road or during off-site meetings. Each color in FHIC200A TCX Pantone Book is labeled with the corresponding PANTONE Number (with a TCX suffix) for easy color location and communication.
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Pantone TCX Cotton Planner FHIC300A Fashion + Home + Interiors Book [2022 Edition]
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No of Colors: 2625 Size of Chips: 5/8” x 5/8” {1.58 cm X 1.58cm} Edition: 2020 The Cotton Planner is a convenient desktop reference to all 2,625 PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Colors, including the 315 New Colors. Its compact size makes it easy to use both in the office and on the go. Cotton chips are permanently affixed to non-optically brightened paper for accurate color viewing. Each color is labeled with the corresponding PANTONE Number (with a TCX suffix) for easy color location and communication.
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Pantone TCX Cotton Swatch Library FHIC100A Fashion + Home + Interiors [2022 Edition]
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2020 Latest Pantone TCX Edition
Total Colors: 2625 (Complete Set)
315 New Colors included
Size of TCX Swatches: 2inch x 2inch

The new Pantone TCX Swatch library FHIC100A is ideal for large companies, exporters and manufacturers who require TCX Swatches on a daily basis so that they can match colors effectively with large size swatches and have all 2625 colors in stock at all times.

Color families are easily identified by the graphic treatment on the binder spine, helping colorists designers find the right color faster
Pantone TCX Swatch Library has Key sheets indexes inside each folder allow for easier cotton swatch replacement and tracking. The best advantage of this product is its sheer size of each swatch card and the facility to remove each color.

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Pantone TCX Cotton Chip Set FHIC400A Fashion + Home + Interiors [2022 Edition]
Ship on 13th March
2020 Latest Edition Total Colors: 2625, 315 New Colors included Size of Swatches: 1inch x 1inch Even if your space or budget is limited, you can enter the world of limitless design possibilities with the new PANTONE Cotton Chip Set, a desktop color reference that puts all 2,310 TCX colors of the PANTONE Fashion + Home color system at your fingertips. Chromatically arranged, 1” x 1” Pantone cotton chips are easily removable for creating palettes and presentations fast, to capture your ideas and express your creativity while your inspiration is hot!
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Pantone TPX Color Specifier and Guide Set FPP200 | Pantone Textiles Shade Card & Book
Product has been Upgraded
Ideal for non-fabric materials, the PANTONE Color Specifier and PANTONE Color Guide have been redesigned for the ultimate in color selection and control. All 2,100 TPX colors – including all 175 new colors – are now arranged in complete chromatic flow that enhances inspiration and speeds production.

Product has been Upgraded to New Edition

Pantone TPG Specifier & Guide Set 2021 Edition 525+ New Shades
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Pantone Pastels and Neon Chips Coated & Uncoated Set GB1504A (Plus Series)
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The new PANTONE PLUS SERIES PASTELS & NEONS CHIPS brings together 154 soothing pastels and 56 hot neons in a convenient chip format that attaches to artwork and digital files for easy and consistent color communication. Contemporary colors, arranged chromatically for intuitive selection in the Pantone Pastels and Neon Chips. Ink mixing formulas are provided. Compatible with today’s digital workflows. Text weight paper is used, to match popular print specifications.
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Pantone Pastels and Neon Guide Coated & Uncoated GG1504A (Plus Series)
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Expand the traditional spot color palette with over 200 contemporary pastels and neons, in one handheld guide. The Pastels & Neons Guide offers designers additional Pantone Spot Colors for creating eye-catching, market-driven designs. Perfect for packaging, logos and branding, and print and marketing materials when soothing shades or bright colors are desired.
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Pantone TPX FHI Color Specifier Replacement Pages FHI-RP
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Replacement pages for FHI Color Specifier Replenishing the pages in your PANTONE Fashion, Home + Interiors Color Specifier book has never been easier. Whether it’s replacing your most frequently used pages or just keeping your book up to date, now you can purchase your replacement TPX color pages online. Individual pages contain seven PANTONE TPX Colors with six tear-out chips of each for easy removal.
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Pantone Solid Chips Supplement Coated & Uncoated GP1606A-SUPP
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294 new trend colors!
Update your Pantone Solid Chips books with new 294 Pantone Spot colors in chip format, for easy viewing, sharing, and reference. Designers and decision makers can use the removable paper chips for mood board and palette development, specifying on product sketches, communicating color to clients, or bringing along to press checks.

Perforated paper chips of all 294 new Pantone Spot colors
Printed on coated and uncoated paper
Use at all stages of the design workflow, from inspiration, to stakeholder approval, to quality control

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Munsell Book of Color, Glossy Edition M40115B
Dispatched in 10 to 15 days, subject to stock.
The Glossy Collection is the "master atlas" of Munsell Color.
The Glossy book of color includes a complete range of colors creating a physical model of the Munsell Color Space. The book includes a brief tutorial on how the Munsell Color System works; with easy to follow graphics for understanding where the Munsell color space the color is located.
The Glossy Collection is the "master atlas" of Munsell Color. It contains over 1,600 removable high-gloss color samples on 40 constant-hue pages.
Binder Specifications: Single 3.5" ring binder: 13.75" (L) x 4" (W) x 11.75" (T).
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Munsell Book of Color, Matte Edition M40291B
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The Munsell Book of Color, Matte Edition includes a complete range of colors creating a physical model of the Munsell Color Space. The book includes a brief tutorial on how the Munsell Color System works, with easy to follow graphics for understanding where the Munsell color space the color is located.
The Matte Collection contains over 1,600 removable color samples on 40 constant-hue pages.
Binder Specifications: Single 3.5" ring binder: 13.75" (L) x 4" (W) x 11.75" (T).
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Pantone Solid Chips Coated & Uncoated Book GP1606A [2022 Edition]
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Number of Colors: 2,161
New Colors Added: 294
Older edition : GP1606N had 1,867 colors.
Edition: Official Release - 17th September, 2019.
Two Books: Solid Coated & Solid Uncoated divided. All Solid Colours removable Chips are included. 6 Chips of Each Colour (6 Coated & 6 Uncoated). Pantone Solid Chips Coated & Uncoated Book GP1606A has 2 Hard Cover Books with individual chips measure approximately 7/8" x 1-1/8" each is the best option for multiple print unit industries. Here One chip can be removed and given to a factory at a time and the book can be kept to your-self. The advantage of removable chips over the guide which can stay with only one person at a time. All Colours are on paper which can be smoothly torn out. RGB and CMYK combinations included in the COLOR MANAGER SOFTWARE which is included with this product.
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