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Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated & Uncoated GP1601A Book [2022 Edition]
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Free Original Protection cover Case for both Pantone Formula guides.

Number of Colors in current latest guide: 2,161
New Colors Added: 294
Older edition GP1601N had 1,867 colors
Guides: 2 - [Coated & Uncoated]
Original, Sealed Packed, Ideal for Printing, Packaging, Graphic Designing, Chemicals, Inks and Pharmaceuticals.

The New Pantone Formula Guide Plus Series GP1601A with the plus series released on 4th Jan, 2022 has a total of 2,161 colors, which is an addition of 294 new colors added to the old edition - GP1601N. This paper product, Pantone Formula Guide has all the coated colors as well as uncoated colors [Solid Colors] included in the package which is divided into 2 Guides.
One Guide has all the coated colors which have an initial of 'C' starting and the other guide has all colors which have an initial of 'U'. Overall the Pantone Color Chart has all the spot colors and Pantone PMS colors. This Pantone Color Formula Guide is used for upto 3 colours printing. Pantone C Color formulas and U color formulas codes, which have all the color combinations and shades in CMYK and RGB Codes are included with the Pantone Formula Guide set book.Suggested Upgrade: Pantone Color Bridge for Advanced Color Matching in CMYK & RGB
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Pantone TCX Cotton Passport FHIC200A | TCX Color Chart [2022 Edition]
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The New Pantone TCX Cotton Passport Book with 2625 Colors is an ideal book for manufacturers and beginners in the Pantone TCX colours world.

Size of each chip - 1cm X 1.5cm.
2,625 market-driven PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Colors
Includes 315 New Colors
Convenient, portable accordion format
2020 Edition

The Pantone TCX Passport has a convenient accordion format allows you to see a large number of permanently affixed chips at a glance, making it easy to be inspired on the road or during off-site meetings. Each color in FHIC200A TCX Pantone Book is labeled with the corresponding PANTONE Number (with a TCX suffix) for easy color location and communication.
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Pantone TCX Cotton Planner FHIC300A Fashion + Home + Interiors Book [2022 Edition]
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No of Colors: 2625 Size of Chips: 5/8” x 5/8” {1.58 cm X 1.58cm} Edition: 2020 The Cotton Planner is a convenient desktop reference to all 2,625 PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Colors, including the 315 New Colors. Its compact size makes it easy to use both in the office and on the go. Cotton chips are permanently affixed to non-optically brightened paper for accurate color viewing. Each color is labeled with the corresponding PANTONE Number (with a TCX suffix) for easy color location and communication.
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Pantone Solid Chips Coated & Uncoated Book GP1606A [2022 Edition]
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Number of Colors: 2,161
New Colors Added: 294
Older edition : GP1606N had 1,867 colors.
Edition: Official Release - 17th September, 2019.
Two Books: Solid Coated & Solid Uncoated divided. All Solid Colours removable Chips are included. 6 Chips of Each Colour (6 Coated & 6 Uncoated). Pantone Solid Chips Coated & Uncoated Book GP1606A has 2 Hard Cover Books with individual chips measure approximately 7/8" x 1-1/8" each is the best option for multiple print unit industries. Here One chip can be removed and given to a factory at a time and the book can be kept to your-self. The advantage of removable chips over the guide which can stay with only one person at a time. All Colours are on paper which can be smoothly torn out. RGB and CMYK combinations included in the COLOR MANAGER SOFTWARE which is included with this product.
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Pantone Color Bridge Coated & Uncoated Guide GP6102A [2022 Edition]
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2021 Latest Edition
294 New colors Added
Free Protection Cover Case wirth Rs.799/-

2,139 solid colors and CMYK, HTML/Hex and sRGB values, the new Pantone Color Bridge Coated & Uncoated Guide GP6102NA set for year 2021 is now available in India. Colors are displayed side-by-side with their four color process printed equivalents on both coated and uncoated paper, enabling printers and designers to quickly determine how closely Solid Colors can be matched in CMYK from the Pantone Color Bridge C/U Guides GP6102A. Individual guide size: 1 5/8" x 9 1/4" | Includes 294 New ColorsIdeal for following usage:Advanced Printing - The only guide which gives a representation of CMYK, RGB and HEX.Pharmaceuticals - Matte finish & Gloss Coating effectCorrugated Packaging with CMYK Process ColorsTermed as the Graphic Designers Beast - Covers every aspect of graphic colors for next level color matching. Normal guides only give the colors in PMS system but this guide will give the actual effect after printing so you know exactly the output even before your first attempt. Estimated to save 3 hours each day in achieveing the right color.
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Prints & More Trend Book incl DVD, Textures & Pattern Design Book
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Prints & More Trendbook is an ideal addition to colour and theme forecasts for everybody working with high-fashion printed patterns - thus in the fields of textile printing and finishing,garment production and retail, accessories, home textiles, wall papers, tiles, gift wrapping paper and much more.
High Resolution 300 DPI The New Prints & More Trendbook has a section focused on Menswear prints as well. Four seasonal trend themes are introduced by colour ranges and moodboards. Each theme is illustrated by approx. 100 pattern designs.
Subscription is also available for 2 issues of this product.
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Pantone Capsure X-rite RM200-PT01 Handheld Device [2022 Edition], Color Detector & Color Matcher
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Pantone CAPSURE Latest Edition is an absolute color matching solution for detecting and matching over 10,500 colors. Capture new colors from any surface, material or fabric – even small, patterned, multi-colored textures and textiles and match it swiftly and precisely to a Pantone Color. Now buy it from us - Official Pantone Distributors in India. Latest Edition Available Pantone Color Capsure now available in India is created for professionals in fashion + home & interiors, industrial and graphic design, as well as for contractors, paint manufacturers and growing designers, Pantone CAPSURE is easy to use and portable, yet its advanced image capture technology sets a new standard for accuracy and versatility in a portable device. One year warranty for CAPSURE, six month warranty for battery
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View Textile Magazine Subscription | Colors, Trends & Styles
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The Textile View Edition Magazine has trend forecast for the respectively four upcoming seasons concerning colours, materials, view design and styling for women's wear, menswear and young fashion, including street and retail reports,reports on merchandising and textiles, as well as analysis of consumer behaviour and its influence on fabric and fashion trends & this Magazine, can now be subscribed in India.
Subscription (4 ISSUES) always begins from the latest Edition
Textile View Magazine book has bi-annual specials about colour and design trends for yarns and knitwear, Colour and design trends for yarns. Shop for the Textile View Subscription Now.
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Prints Pattern | Flowers & Abstracts Book Incl 2 DVD (Layered Files)
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Prints Pattern Flowers & Abstractsis an ideal reference book for everybody working with high fashion printed, woven & embroidered patterns in the fields of textile, printing, garments, accessories, home textiles, made ups & much more. This book has several inspirations on florals and abstracts with many hand painted effects.
This book has artworks presented in 2 sections:
    1. Flowers
    2. Abstracts
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Next Look Close Up Women Print & Embroidery Magazine
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Next look CLOSE UP Women Print & Embroidery Magazine series - a ready to use sophisticated and in-depth analysis. Next look CLOSE UP Prints & Embroidery Magazine combines the results of demanding and profound analysis of the most important shows worldwide with detailed views on the highlights - just CLOSE UP and TREND both! Subscription begins from latest Edition always.
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Opere d'Arte is an ideal reference book for everybody working with high fashion printed, woven & embroidered patterns in the fields of textile, printing, garments, accessories, home textiles, made ups & much more ...... Description: Accompanied with your book comes CD/DVD with editable files in psd format allowing you to restyle, recolour, & create your own styles, designs, patterns, prints & graphics.
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X-Rite ColorMunki Display CMUNDIS, Ambient Light Control & Flare Correct, Monitor Calibration
Discontinued, Upgraded to i1 Display Studio EODIS3PL
For creatives who demand professional quality coupled with an easy, wizard-driven interface, ColorMunki Display offers everything you could possibly need to get you to a brilliantly-calibrated display or projector while helping you stay focused on doing what you love.This product is an upgraded edition of i1 display studio and has several more features such as Projector Calibration, Flare correct and Automatic Display Control. This product is comparable to i1 display pro for advanced color calibration.
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NCS Shade Card Index 2050 Original [2022 Edition], NCS Color Chart Book
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A reference colour palette that enables you to quickly identify colours on the spot. NCS Index Shade Card contains all the 2050 standard NCS colour standards and is easy to carry along as a complete reference library. The colour palette also contains markings in the NCS Circle and the NCS Triangle on each page that show the position of the colours in the NCS Colour Space for fast analysis of the colour. NCS Original 2050 Shade cards contains all the NCS Colors and is a must for the paint industry. The best NCS Paint shade card is the NCX INDEX 2050 Original. Buy in India at the best price.
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Estratti Abstracts Vol.2 | 75 Abstract Designs Book Layered & Editable
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Intricate color motifs of Classic and Modern Texture Motifs for Textiles, Ready to Wear, Wallcoverings, Decorations and Interior are part of this huge collection of colorful and decorative Surface Designs, Texture and Textile Structures, which are elaborated and produced especially for this limited book edition. The prestigious Design Book is illustrating 75 single abstract design and patterns in large format, cleaned up, arranged in compositions. All the motifs are available either in a printed book version, either in a digital support - included on a free DVD-ROM (in TIFF/Jpeg Format). The illustrations are License-Free use and ready-to-use immedeately for your convenience.
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The Print Box Vol.3 | High Fashion, Printed Woven & Embroidery Floral Pattern Book
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The Print Box Vol.5 | Tunic Prints with Front, Back & Sleeves for Textiles, Fashion & Design
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A unique print design book with layered editable files designed specially for tunics, dresses and skirts with front, back and sleeves readymade. Modern concepts of garment design have been introduced in this book making it much easier to understand and communicate on a technical level. With the enter garment presented for the prints, the task of interpretation into a full fledged product is reduced and the print can directly go for printing. Colors suites for the Asian and European market have been selectively chosen.
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Ethnic Print Box Vol 1 Design Book | Lingerie, Tunics, Skirts & Kurti Prints & Patterns Book (PSD)
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Ethnic Print Design Book offers professional Pattern Design Material for Fashion, Textiles, Interior & Decorations. Practical & useful Floral Patterns - all in multiple pantone colors, easy-to-use, all copyright-free. This book is a must of readymade kurti, tunics, skirts and dress manufactures showing typical classic bouquet of flowers in the form borders, stripes, frames, edges, floral, graphic, ethnic motifs, which are enriched by outstanding ideas & combinations. The print patterns are useful for dress fabrics, scarfs, foulards, shawls, home textiles, towels, interior design or all kind of decorations and textiles.
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-Rs 500
The Print Box Vol.1 | Subtle Clear Floral Print Design Book
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Romantic, Evergreen, Soft & Clear Floral illustrations of all kinds and seasons, painted originally in the 1990's. The wealth of ideas offers a cornucopia of nature. Bouquets, bunches, floral arrangements and compositions (in vases and in nature), gardening flowers (with landscapes), the beauty of blossoms. Incl. many border and panel designs, flower decorations and floral illustrations, all in full color.
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