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Colors, Style & Trend Forecast Books | S/S & A/W Future Ideas

Textile, Interiors, Bags, Accessories & Home Color Trendbooks with Yarn sample books. Trend Forecast and Color Trend Forecast Books with new themes and concepts for menswear, womenswear & kidswear.Get the Latest Textile, Interiors, Bags, Accessories & Home Color Trend Forecast Books for Menswear, kidswear, womenswear & home furnishing interiors along with Yarn sample books.

The quest of how colour trends progress has many a time prompted scientists and designers to try to identify repetitive patterns and regularities in order to make lore casts more accurate. Developments in the area of architecture and interior design were often examined, since the life cycles are longer and more stable than the rapidly changing hypes within fashion Broadly speaking, the cycle characteristics start with a sequence of light neutral then increase to the more covered tones moving on to bold, chromatic colours. Even if parallels between home and architecture trend books are hard to prove, one could see similarities due to current developments Even in Scandinavia. Well-known for bright, neutral interiors, one can observe a gradual shift away from this style. At the same time, minimalism design, long regarded as an expression of modernity and information, also appears to be on the turn tail Summer fashion changes course to a new direction characterised by more courage and less understatement, Bizarre stylistic mixes and striking silhouettes correspond with bold, in contrast-rich colour concepts including, besides the powerful primary colours, also neon colours such as phosphorus yellow or ultramarin.
Further more womenswear color trends forecast has a strong focus on red tones, that mainly lie in the scope of pink and violet tones. Also green tones have a similar strong focus The spectrum ranges from cool mint to dark oli. Next to the high proportion of whites, it is above all the metallic accents that enrich the topic’s spectrum with sparkling brilliance, Even if colours are used more cautiously within the menswear colour trends forecast sector some themes also show bold, strongly influenced with expressions from the sportive field, concepts. However, a whole series of inspirations come from the environment of hip hop or workswear, ensuring a commensurate overall impression, bringing the relationship between tradition and innovation inlo a well balanced mixture.This combination of courage and realism is in any good basis for a successful season.