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Digital Cinema Lenses

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Digital Cinema Lenses

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  • What are the key differences between digital cinema lenses and regular photographic lenses?

    Digital cinema lenses are specifically designed for filmmaking. They often lack features like autofocus and image stabilization but offer a larger focus rotation angle for better manual focus control. Additionally, they use T-stops instead of f-stops to measure light transmission.

  • Why do cine lenses use T-stops instead of f-stops?

    T-stops measure the actual light transmission through the lens, ensuring that the amount of light reaching the sensor or film is consistent and accurate. In contrast, f-stops are based on an equation and might not always represent the true light transmission.

  • What is lens breathing, and why is it a concern in filmmaking?

    Lens breathing refers to the change in the angle of view of a lens when its focus is adjusted. This can mimic a zoom effect, which can be distracting in films. High-quality digital cinema lenses are designed to minimize this effect.

  • How do manufacturers ensure consistency across different cine lenses?

    Manufacturers design cine lenses to have standardized features such as gear pitches and consistent front sizes. This ensures compatibility with filmmaking equipment like follow focus rigs and matte boxes, making the lens-swapping process smoother for filmmakers.