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Quick Release Systems

Quick Release Systems

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Constantly mounting and demounting the camera from the tripod can be time-consuming and additional work. This can be completely avoided when you have a good tripod quick release system that would do the job in seconds. 

By securely attaching the tapering end with the camera and using the lever to lock it in place, the mechanism is easy to use and can help you mount your camera with ease. The quick-release system for SLR tripods is a great way to ensure that the plate does move so that your expensive gear is kept safe. There are different kinds of video camera tripod quick-release systems available to choose from. 

Standard Quick Release

Most commonly seen on Manfrotto photography tripods, this system is a fast way to secure your camera to your tripod. The operation is very simple on this, all you have to do is push your camera down on the plate, and the locking lever will put it in place. You can lock your camera to its base plate using this camera quick release system with ease. 

Arca-Swiss Quick Release

The way this system works is a little different. Here, you need to clamp your base plate in order to secure the camera on top. Arca-Swiss style base plates come with a 45º outward tapered rail along the plate’s side that clamps onto the tripod’s head. After that, you can tighten it as much as you like. 

The reason people prefer using this quick-release system is because of how versatile it is. The base plates come in different sizes so you can use them with any kind of lens. For instance, for a front-heavy lens, you can use a longer base plate and vice-versa. 


When it comes to quick-release systems, there isn’t one size that fits all. A universally compatible quick-release system is not made and hence you need to find something that works well with your tripod and camera. However, it is also very common to see certain Arca-Swiss systems that are universally compatible while using the tripod heads with the Arca-Swiss system. In any case, a standard quick release system will not offer that kind of compatibility. 

There are many quick-release systems available that can be used whenever you need to shoot with the tripod. It is a great way to ensure security and time-efficiency. There are several tutorial videos available online to show you exactly how to use these systems so you cannot go wrong with them. Choosing the best camera quick-release system eases your shoot and helps you deliver quality output on time. 

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