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Tripods With Heads

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Amateurs and beginners rely on tripods to support their cameras and make them stable. It is usually inexpensive to buy an all-in-one tripod as a beginner. But, the tripod head and their legs can be purchased as a single item along with the best camera tripods in the market. Each head packs itself with different uses and advantages.

Apart from the usual manual tripod head, a motorized tripod head allows you to manage the movement of your camera with remote control. Efficiently using a tripod head in your photography projects can positively impact the quality of the image you capture.

Uses of a Tripod with Head

Although the key purpose of a camera tripod head is to attach a device to it, the benefit is not limited to it. As a professional, it won’t be surprising to know that there are different types of tripod heads available to be purchased.

Tripods with Ball Tripod Head

Ball tripod heads are a relatively new invention but have gained popularity very quickly. It suits most photography enthusiasts. Moreover, the best tripod ball heads can be more flexible than a pan and tilt head. They typically have a screw to tighten to hold your camera still and work on a friction adjustment. A ball tripod head is relatively lighter than the rest of the heads. 

Tripods with Pan and Tilt Head

If this model strikes a chord with you then maybe it is because you have it. Also known as a three-way head, a pan head tripod gives you precise control over your digital camera. This gear has multiple handles for you to tilt or pan them without ruining the adjustment of the other. 

Alternative, a fluid head tripod comes with a single handle to both tilt and pan. This is often used for videography purposes rather than photography. Two- way head tripods are also used in common.

Tripods with Pistol Grip Head

A pistol grip head is very similar to a ball tripod head. They are designed to give you the same amount of control as the other. The only difference is that a ball grip gives you a tiny knob to turn to adjust your camera while a pistol grip head is easier to adjust using just the grip.

Tripods with Gimbal Head

Gimbal and tripod head, alone, fall under different categories. Gimbal is an equipment used to ensure swift camera movements while recording videos. But a gimbal head is designed specifically for tripods that hold heavy cameras and lenses. When set right, the camera will remain steady without the photographer even holding it. 

If compatible with a few of the above-mentioned heads, you can use a quick release tripod head. This is a plate which allows you to attach and detach your camera to the tripod easily, by twisting a knob.

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