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Mini Tripods

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Mobile phones have improved by leaps and bounds over the years and so have their cameras. People are no longer relying on just their DSLRs to shoot a video or click photographs. Usually, these compact tripods are used to shoot on flat and stable surfaces. The best ones are so compact that they can sit on a tabletop, looking the size of a small bottle.

Apart from that, mini tripods for DSLRs have become a modest solution for professional and amateur photographers alike. Some of them are customized entry-level heavy DSLRs while a few others are high-end mini tripods for mirrorless cameras.

Advantages of using a mini tripod

An unsaid advantage of using a small camera stand is that it is pocket friendly. Not only are they quick and easy to use but sometimes produce the best results with the benefits they provide.

Ground-level shooting

The best mini tripods in the game come with adjustable legs. This feature makes it compatible to shoot in the tightest of spaces and the lowest ground. 


It is almost impossible to avoid shakes while using your camera handheld. A mini travel tripod will definitely be your go-to partner for clicking a long exposure shot in low lighting. A small camera tripod does not mean that it compromises stability.

Uses of a mini tripod

Although mini tripods for phones are designed to be hassle-free, more sophisticated variations are available for use as per your convenience by adjusting a few components: 

Camera mounts

Mounts are made to hold your camera and mobile phones. Quick-release brackets and L-brackets makes it easier to switch from one tripod head to the other. It also quickly converts your tabletop camera tripod from landscape mode to portrait real quick. 

Tripod load capacity

The difference in load capacity between a desk tripod for cameras and a mini travel tripod will be very different. While a desk tripod may be able to hold a heavy camera, a travel tripod may not be. 

Tripod legs

Spider flexible camera tripod is the most flexible tripod one will come across in the category of mini tripods. These legs can be wrapped around branches, railings, and chairs. While purchasing a tripod make sure the legs extend further than your camera lens. This will ensure that your camera does not topple down.

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