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Selfie Sticks / Camera Poles

Selfie Sticks / Camera Poles

Selfie sticks are used to click self-portraits or ‘selfies’ by triggering the shutter. The demand for selfie sticks shot up around a decade ago. Media houses had started publishing articles about a selfie stick that led to their boom. 

There are distinctive features that distinguish one selfie stick from the other. The newest incarnation of this camera holding stick is one designed specifically for action cameras. People across all ages have started using them across the years. They are used for events, traveling, and sports if I were to name a few situations. 

Types of sticks

The selfie camera stick comes in various types with respect to accessibility. 


The best selfie sticks in the market do not only offer a simple feature like holding your camera upright. Multi-functional support is the best way to go. You can purchase a 2 in 1 selfie stick and tripod which can be helpful if you want a completely hands-free experience. 

Bluetooth enabled

A Bluetooth enabled selfie stick pairs your smartphone directly with your stick. Like the tripod which uses a cable, this one also lets you click a picture at the press of a button. 

Charging your battery is the biggest hassle with a Bluetooth enabled camera stick. Apart from that, it is a stylish version to be carried around.

Cable connected

You can click a picture on a selfie stick by using a button to trigger the shutter. A cable is used to connect your tripod to your phone to enable this function. 

With this setup, you don’t have to worry about charging your selfie stick while on the go.

Remote controlled

The most basic camera stick only lets you attach your camera to it. You have to purchase a Bluetooth remote control separately if you purchase this selfie stick.

Only if this is a selfie stick tripod with a remote, then can you place it on a flat surface and click group pictures from a distance.

With all the setups mentioned above, you can easily use the selfie stick for video recording your personal moments. If you want to make a video archive of your travel or if you frequently publish your adventures, you can turn this into your vlogging stick

Most of the camera sticks come with a built-in mount making it difficult to use any other selfie stick head. They are designed to be used with action cameras, smartphones, and even as a DSLR camera stick.

The best gimbal selfie stick can be used as an additional stabilization point, making the shots more steady than while shooting handheld.

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