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Tablet & Phone Mounts

Tablet & Phone Mounts

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Nowadays, businesses are quickly picking up the trail of breadcrumbs to digitization with the hope of adding sophistication and revenue generation. In doing so, many organizations have started using smartphones and tablets as digital signages. 
The devices are fastened to mounting apparatuses that keep them stationary and protect them from falling off. There are different types of mounts that can be used to station phones and tablets. They can be broadly divided into wall mounts, Clamps and tripods, iPad cases and hand straps. 
Secure wall mounts for phones and tablets: 
Wall mounts are contraptions fixed on the walls to hold the device in a vertical or horizontal position. There are different types of wall mounts that can hold these signages. 
Drill mounts are mostly made of metal and have to be drilled into the wall with plates. iPad wall mounts are mostly used for advertising and are not portable in any way. Suction mounts are usually stuck to a firm surface like glass. These mounts have minimal angular portability that makes them the best cell phone mount. One also needs to keep in mind that a normal smartphone suction mount is very different from an iPhone suction mount. Therefore, it is wiser to buy a suction mount that fits all kinds of phones. 
Clamp and Tripod mounts: 
These mounts are preferred for their portability and ease of installation. A smartphone clamp mount can be installed on almost all kinds of rods and poles. Some clamp mounts allow the users to move and turn the device in any direction. It is also possible to attach a clamp to a tripod with the help of an iPad clamp for tripod. 
Tripods don’t need any introduction, as they are widely famous for being a photographer’s friend. They are best for mounting a smartphone mount or tablet. If you are looking to get the best cell phone tripod mount, you can try the ones from Tether Tools.
Hand straps: 
Hand straps are a widely shared mounting option that works flawlessly for smaller devices but is slowly being used for tablets too. A hand strap is a piece of nylon or elastic that has mounting apparatus stitched on to it. One of the best examples of an iPad mini hand strap mount is Tether Tools Wallee Hand Strap.
Tablets and smartphones are becoming a vital part of business around the world. Since they are mostly used for signages and management, keeping them mounted on secure mounting apparatus can be a safe way to avoid mishaps while maintaining sophistication.

  • Why is it essential to have a tablet & phone mount in your car?

    Having a mount in your car ensures that your device is securely in place, allowing you to use navigation apps safely. It also reduces the temptation to hold your phone while driving, promoting safer driving habits.

  • Can I use the same mount for both my tablet and phone?

    Some mounts are designed to be versatile and can accommodate both tablets and phones. However, always check the mount’s specifications to ensure it can support the size and weight of your devices.

  • How do I clean and maintain my tablet & phone mount?

    Regularly wipe down your mount with a soft cloth to remove dust and grime. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as they can damage the mount’s material. Periodically check for any signs of wear or damage.

  • Are magnetic tablet & phone mounts safe for my devices?

    Yes, magnetic mounts are generally safe for devices. They use strong magnets to hold the device in place, but these magnets won’t harm your phone or tablet’s internal components.