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Photography is one of the fastest evolving domains with innovation changing its landscape almost every day. Tethering is among the newly introduced concepts in the world of photography. This has led to an increase in the production of lightroom tethering supported cameras.

Since tethered shooting is in its developmental phase, there are not many devices that have been created for the same. Most of the devices that are made for this purpose do not function well. Therefore, Tether Tools has introduced TetherBoost Pro controllers and cables that make tethering seamless and easy. 

The company has introduced only a few products until now that facilitate uninterrupted tethering. Here are a few of them. 

TetherBoost Pro Controller:

Most photographers and videographers face numerous problems when connecting their cameras to their laptops for tethering. These problems normally arise due to loose chords and non-compatible USB ports. To facilitate DSLR tethered video shooting, TetherBoost Pro stabilizes the power supplied from the PC to the camera and ensures that the power supply is not interrupted in any way.

Using TetherBoost Pro Controller is easy; you just have to connect it to your laptop and use a USB connector to the camera. To eliminate any chances of supply interruption it is recommended that the TetherBoost Pro is used with an active extension that also increases the range of the connector. 

To use the TetherBoost Pro in different lightroom tethered capture compatible cameras, you will have to download and install the Smart Shooter 4 software that enables you to use the functions of the camera. 


As mentioned above, TetherBoost Pro functions well when connected with cables that are manufactured by Tether Tools. There are many cables that TetherBoost Pro uses for tethering camera to mac or computers

It uses an AC adapter and power cable to turn on and connect it to the laptop. The power chord has a USB port that connects to the AC adapter and an angled point that connects to the TetherBoost Pro device.

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