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Tether Tools Aero System Accessories for Travel Cameras

Aero System Accessories

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Aero system accessories is an extended product line from Tether Tools. The company is popular for manufacturing the best travel camera accessories that can be of great use to photographers during both outdoor and indoor photoshoots. Let’s take a deeper dive into each product offered by Tether Tools and learn how they can be used to make photography convenient. 
Aero System ProPad:
Tether Tools has created an amazing photography shooting table the Aero Master. The table has an aluminum table top which is best for keeping things like laptops, cameras, tablets, and more. ProPad is a Aero master compatible mat made of foam that is placed on tables like these and it does a pretty good job at protecting your precious machines from scratches. The ProPad can keep your computer safe and keep it from overheating by dispensing all the warm air through the vents. 
Aero Sunshade: 
When shooting outdoors it becomes very difficult to protect your laptop or camera on a table that has no overhead covering. Therefore, you should use protective sunshades like ones from Tether Tools. Aero Sunshade is a fabric canopy that fits on almost all Aero tables and keeps the equipments safe. The Aero Sunshade beats its competitors with qualities like Integrated SecureStrap System, Anti-Skid piping, Dedicated pockets, and more.
Aero Cupholders: 
The Aero cup holder makes a fine replacement for the over or undersized cup holders that end up spilling your drinks. It is a better alternative to most adjustable cup holders as it clips on firmly to the sides of the table and saves you a lot on setup time. 
Tether Tools SP001BLK: 
One of the simplest solutions to save your laptop from power surges or fluctuations is to invest in the best power surge protectors like the Tether Tools SP001BLK. The surge protector SP001BLK has 6 outlets, a low profile plug, and an auto shut-off safeguard. It ensures that your devices get clean and uninterrupted power all the time. 
Tether Tools Mousepads:
Tether brings you peel and place mouse pads, that stick to the surface of the laptop or the table so you don’t have to struggle much while using an optical mouse. 
Tether Tools Aero LOPRO-2 Bracket:
Mount your camera on a tripod with ease by using the Aero LOPRO-2 Bracket. Made from durable aluminum and designed with the Integral Arca-style Plate, this bracket can ensure that your equipment does not fall. 
You won’t have to lose space on the table when connecting or using an external hard drive with the Aero XDC. It fits all kinds of hard drives and it is very easy to install. 
Don’t take chances by keeping your surge guard on the ground, you can use the Aero PowerMount to hang the surge guard from your photography table. It has baby studs and it can be mounted with the clamps on various adjustable height photography tables. 
Travel bags for tables: 
Carrying your camera table from one venue to another becomes easier with the Aero Storage bags. They come in different sizes to fit the various tables made by the company. The bags are made from durable cloth and have a zip enclosure for protection.

Aero System Accessories which include ProPads, Surge Guards, Sunshade, and more are perfect for photographers who mostly setup their shoots outdoors.

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