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Octa With Grid & Mount


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Photography Octa Softbox with Grid & Mount (Bowens & Elinchrom)

An octa softbox is a lighting unit used to modify light. Much like its name, it softens the light emitted and diffuses it evenly on the desired subject. The pleasing quality of light has been trusted by photographers and videographers alike. 
It is a box with a diffuser panel attached to a softbox mount and surrounds the light source from all sides. Steering clear from a light leak, it typically diffuses light by using a piece of fabric in front of the light fixture
Today, there are various possible combinations to choose from. They can be further modified using add ons such as grids to control the diffusion. 
What are the uses of an octabox with grid?

The reflective fabric inside octa softboxes is resistant to damage and lightweight. They are tailored precisely with the right color temperature to be used across different situations.
A grid octa softbox combination helps you to narrow the spill of light. This makes it easier, and especially important when working with light modifiers that throw in light in wider patterns.

Octs Softbox in Photography
An octa light for photography is a good investment for a professional photographer. It saves you valuable time and is easily portable. If you are someone who works under time, as well as space constraints, the foldability of this equipment makes it a valuable asset. 
With the octa grid as an add-on, octaboxes could be effectively used for fashion photography, portraits, and product photography.
Octs Softbox with Flashes
Octabox light modifiers are available in different sizes. The size depends on how big or small your light source is. The size of your light source is decided taking into consideration your subject of photography or videography and the distance at which you are shooting them.
A flash octa is relatively smaller in size and used for product photography. Your style and the effect you want to create on the product will also decide the size of your octa box.
Best Octa softboxes
Godox manufactures top-of-the-line lighting units and makes them easy to use. The built and the skeleton is designed in such a manner that they provide enough support for the octa softbox. Here are a couple of options to choose from:


These octa softboxes come with a removable grid. They are compatible with all Godox flash heads and Bowen mounts. They are easy to fold and install and conveniently portable. 
An extra layer of soft cloth can be used for octa photography to make the light even more flattering and gentle. 

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