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Lantern Softbox | Globe Softbox | Collapisble Softbox for Omni-directional Light Quality

Although overlooked upon quite often, if rightly used a lantern softbox can pack quite a punch. It is specially designed to be used overhead and to increase the ambient light. Also known as a globe softbox, it is ideal for spreading light in all directions.
With a wide spread of smooth light and requiring minimal setup and break down time, it makes this lighting unit a quick solution. 
It is not the first option that comes to your mind while you imagine the best softbox lighting setups but a lantern softbox holds some unique and versatile qualities. 
Advantages of a lantern softbox
The basic use of a softbox is to diffuse light sources onto the subject. Not only do they reduce harsh shadows but also increase the size of a smaller light source. 
There are different types of softboxes in photography depending on their uses. Here are a few:
Rectangle Softbox
Right from fashion photography to product photography, the uses of a rectangle softbox are many. It is considered to be one of the best softboxes due to its versatility. They can even be used to show natural light through a window because of their resemblance to the shape of a window.
Lantern Softbox
Due to this light modifier being shaped like a lantern, the uses differ from their traditional counterparts. A lantern could be set up in no time making it a quick solution with respect to its construction. 
A collapsible softbox, or a lantern softbox as it is familiarly known, is as overhead lights for real estate photography, studio photoshoots, and live video streamings amongst many other things.
A Godox lantern softbox is usually equipped with a Bowen’s mount and so is their lantern softbox making it versatile to use with any other brand with the same mount. Apart from that, it comes with a 4-piece skirt to attach to the softbox. Depending on how you want your light to be bounced, you can use them effectively.
Umbrella type lantern softbox
Umbrellas are used by photographers to soften the light produced by an off-camera light source. They are extensively used by wedding and portrait photographers alike. The direction of the light is decided by how you position the umbrella. 
The uses of softbox in photography are unlimited and versatile. This is by no means an exhaustive list or guide to the same. 
Well, in comparison with a number of manufacturers, Godox softbox prices are the most competitive. They have been in this business longer than their competitors and their products are trusted upon. So, it is safe to say that their products will hold value for the money spent. 

Photography Lantern Softbox: The Ultimate Guide

In the realm of photography, lighting plays a pivotal role in capturing the perfect shot. Whether it’s a portrait, product photography, or a landscape, the right lighting can make or break the image. Enter the Photography Lantern Softbox, a versatile tool that has revolutionized the way photographers approach lighting.

What is a Photography Lantern Softbox?

A Photography Lantern Softbox is a lighting accessory used in studios and outdoor shoots. It’s designed to diffuse and spread light evenly, eliminating harsh shadows and creating a soft, natural glow. Unlike traditional softboxes, the lantern softbox has a spherical shape, resembling a lantern, which allows it to cast light in all directions.

Why Use a Lantern Softbox?

Even Light Distribution: Its unique design ensures that light is spread uniformly, making it ideal for scenes where consistent lighting is crucial.
Versatility: Whether you’re shooting a model or a product, the lantern softbox can be adjusted to fit the scene’s requirements.
Portability: Most lantern softboxes are lightweight and easy to set up, making them perfect for on-the-go shoots.
Cost-Effective: Instead of investing in multiple lighting accessories, a lantern softbox can often do the job of several tools combined.
How to Choose the Right Lantern Softbox?

When selecting a lantern softbox, consider the size, build quality, and compatibility with your existing equipment. Larger softboxes will produce softer light, while smaller ones will be more direct. Ensure the material is durable and can withstand frequent use.

Tips for Using a Lantern Softbox:

Positioning: Place the softbox at an angle to your subject for a more dimensional look.
Adjusting Intensity: Use dimmers or adjust the distance to control the light’s intensity.
Experiment: Don’t be afraid to try different angles and positions to see what works best for your scene.

The Photography Lantern Softbox is an invaluable tool for photographers looking to elevate their lighting game. Its ability to produce soft, even light makes it a favorite among professionals and hobbyists alike. By understanding its features and learning how to use it effectively, you can harness its potential and capture stunning images.

  • What makes a lantern softbox different from a regular softbox?

    A lantern softbox has a spherical design, allowing it to cast light in all directions, whereas a regular softbox has a more directional light output.

  • Is a lantern softbox suitable for outdoor shoots?

    Yes, a lantern softbox can be used outdoors, especially during evening shoots or in shaded areas where even light distribution is required.

  • How do I maintain my lantern softbox?

    Regularly clean the softbox with a soft cloth to remove dust. Ensure it’s stored in a dry place to prevent mold growth on the fabric.

  • Can I use colored gels with my lantern softbox?

    Absolutely! Colored gels can be placed in front of the softbox to create mood lighting or achieve specific color effects.