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A collapsible reflector is a simple tool use to shape and direct light in the most uncomplicated manner. This tool is convenient to use, versatile and affordable giving it an edge over any other photography accessories. It can be used for reflecting or diffusing both sunlight and flash.

Made of lightweight and flexible material, you can fold and transport a collapsible light reflector, making it the ideal tool to use in any situation. This lighting tool is handy enough to be used in the studio as well as outdoor locations. 

Uses of Collapsible Reflectors

This simple tool has multiple uses and can be creatively used to achieve many results. Here are three ways to use a portable reflector for photography:

Reflectors in Key Light

The key light is the main source of illumination, deciding the overall look and feel of the photograph. Often, reflectors are used to bounce off the fill light. While shooting outdoors, a portable light reflector can be used as a key light. 

Holding the reflector against harsh sunlight, bouncing the light towards the subject’s face can give the photograph a whole new look. 

Reflectors as a Diffuser

Collapsible light diffusers are particularly useful when working in quickly changing conditions and want to get a shot before the sun is overshadowed by the clouds yet again. It softens the direct light from the sun and helps achieve a flattering look. It could also be used with flashes to evenly spread the light on the subject.


In collapsible reflector photography or collapsible diffuser photography, the same tool can be used to flag the source of light. Ideally, flagging is done by a black fabric panel to block light and create some shadows. Many 5-in-1 reflectors have a black zip-up bag for this purpose. Flags can also be used to block an unappealing source of light.   

Selecting a Reflector

  • A portable reflector for photography comes in various shapes, sizes, colors, and brands. They are also differentiated on the basis of the reflective surfaces. 
  • White, silver, gold, and black reflecting panels are used in collapsible reflector photography without which it could also be used as a diffuser for collapsible diffuser photography. A silver reflector disc increases the light output and gives more contrast while a golden one adds warmth to the image. 
  • If you are a photographer who mostly shoots portraits and products a medium-sized circular reflector should do the job for you. While indulging in photoshoots with couples and larger groups, a larger reflector is advised. A larger amount of light will be reflected towards your subject. 
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