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Ring Lights
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Ring Lights

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LED Ring Lights with Stand for Photography, Makeup & Food

A ring light is often set around your mobile camera, providing a light source as close to your face as possible. This is ideal for content creators who want to showcase their skills without having to hold the device or the light in their hands. Professional make-up artists who create tutorials online use a ring light with a stand to light themselves. 
The main purpose of this lighting tool is to cast an even light onto the subject without creating any shadows. It produces soft lighting on a subject, minimizes the blemishes, and illuminates the eyes. This is part of the reason why professional photographers use an LED ring light in portrait photography. 
Apart from these, several other needs are sufficed by a ring light.
What are the uses of a ring light in Photography?
Due to its ability to decrease shadows and diffuse light evenly, it is often used for close-up shots in ring light photography. There are various other uses of ring light as well. 
Macro Photography
As you get closer and closer to a subject, your lens will stop taking natural light. With the help of even a small ring light, you will have a well-lit subject. This will help you keep your ISO low and your shutter speed high making it ideal for capturing insects and partially moving subjects
Self Portraits
While capturing self-portraits, or selfies as it is popularly known, a ring light helps keep the shadows low. If you are using your phone to capture yourself, you can use a ring light tripod to mount your source of light and your device in the center of the light. 
Apart from this, there are mini attachable ring lights for phones available in the market. They are clipped to the top of your phone and around your camera sensors. 
Fashion photography
It requires strong lighting and minimal shadows while clicking pictures of models and actors. The nature of a ring light allows it to be used upfront to highlight certain features. Also used as a key light sometimes, a ring fill light is used to bring out the subtle details. 
Video production
The best ring lights are often used by videographers in tangent with other lighting tools. It offers a wrap-around effect on the subject making them evenly lit. They are often used by YouTubers while filming themselves. You can also attach a ring light to your camera with a mount while shooting close-ups of subjects that move a lot.
Apart from this, you can also adjust the warmth of your light to suit your need and even use it for visual effects as a ring light background. 

Why are ring lights popular among beauty influencers and vloggers?

Ring lights have gained immense popularity among beauty influencers and vloggers due to the even and flattering light they produce. This lighting eliminates harsh shadows, making it ideal for makeup tutorials and close-up shots. Additionally, the circular catchlights created in the eyes add a professional touch to videos and photos.

Can ring lights be used for outdoor photography?

Absolutely! While ring lights are commonly associated with studio settings, their portability and adjustable brightness make them suitable for outdoor photography as well. They can provide the necessary fill light in shadowy areas or during cloudy days.

How do I choose the right size for my ring light?

The size of the ring light you choose depends on your specific needs. Larger ring lights, often used in studios, provide broader coverage and are ideal for full-body shots. Smaller ring lights are more portable and are perfect for close-ups and on-the-go photography.

Are there any additional accessories I should consider when purchasing a ring light?

When purchasing a ring light, consider accessories like adjustable stands, color filters, and carrying cases. An adjustable stand allows for height and angle modifications, while color filters can help adjust the light’s temperature. A carrying case is essential for photographers on the move to protect their equipment.