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LED Lights
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LED Lights

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A good light setup can work wonders for a photographer or a videographer. However, choosing the best studio pro lighting is not easy. You need to have a sound knowledge of the kind of LED lights that are used for photography. 
Here is an overview of the different kinds of LED lights that you can use in your studio. 
Fresnel LED lights: 
If you are shooting a subject that requires a substantial amount of lighting, you will need a fresnel light. It is basically a focus light that uses the fresnel lens to adjust the beam. The focus angle of the light can be changed by moving the fresnel lens closer or further from the beam.  
Fresnel lights are a great option for LED fill light photography. These lights have a relatively low power consumption and the output is 80% less than Halogen light. It also produces less heat. 
Flood lights: 
Flood lights brighten a spot when the subjects are more spread out. Typically, it happens while shooting a video as every subject in front of the camera has to be illuminated well. 
Moreover, flood lights have a brighter and more spread beam that makes it the best continuous lighting for video shooting. LED flood lights are more energy-efficient as compared to their halogen counterpart. 
Wand/tube LED lights: 
Wand or tube LED lights are among the best portable portrait lighting options. Owing to the size and enhanced maneuverability, these lights help photographers cover different angles and explore more possibilities of photography. 
LED wands have a smaller beam and cover only a small part of the subject. It can be mounted on a stand or you can hold it in your hand to get better exposure. Most wands come with inbuilt batteries that can be recharged for use. DJ & Stage Lighting are used in covering massive areas indoors as well as outdoors.
Ring Lights:
These types of lights are used in close range. LED studio ring light is widely used for portrait photos or close-up videography. The light emitted from it is mild and when used at the right angle can create pleasing photos.
Ring lights are the best budget led photography lights, owing to their low price and easy availability. It is easy to install and setup ring lights. These lights are lightweight and consume very little electricity.
On camera LED lights: 
On camera LED lights can be a great substitute for a comprehensive light setup. These types of lights are quite powerful and have the ability to light up a larger area. The best on camera led lights are known to offer clean light and have a well-balanced structure.
LED lights play an important role in the world of photography. There are different kinds of LED lights that are used for manipulating the natural light composition and turning photos into a masterpiece.

Why are LED lights preferred in photography?

LED lights have become a favorite in the photography world due to their energy efficiency, longevity, and consistent illumination. They don’t produce heat like traditional bulbs, making them safer for extended shoots. Their adaptability across various photography styles, from studio sessions to outdoor landscapes, adds to their appeal.

How do LED lights enhance portrait photography?

LED lights, especially ring lights and softboxes, offer even lighting that softens facial features and reduces harsh shadows in portrait photography. Their adjustable brightness and color temperature settings allow photographers to set the perfect mood and ambiance for their portrait sessions.

Can LED lights be used for outdoor photography?

Absolutely! LED lights are not limited to studio settings. Their portability and adjustable settings make them ideal for outdoor shoots, whether you’re capturing landscapes during the golden hour or doing a nighttime cityscape shoot. Their extended battery life ensures you won’t run out of power during crucial moments.

What features should one consider when purchasing LED lights for photography?

When investing in LED lights for photography, consider features like adjustable brightness, varied color temperature settings, battery life, and portability. Depending on your photography style, you might also want to look into additional accessories or features, such as diffusers or remote controls.