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LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. They offer an efficient and easy way to illuminate your shot. Not only can videographers use this while filming, but photographers who prefer continuous lighting to flash can make the best use of LED light panels.  

Delivering continuous lighting, LED panels do have their uses with photography. It is not the most reasonable lighting unit to invest in but if invested rightly, it can bring a lot of value to your work. 

Right from wanting just a touch of light to lifting the shadow or using dynamic lighting to create narrative interest, the uses of these flat light panels are many. This lighting tool is extremely adaptable. 

How to choosing an LED panel for Photography?

Several factors separate the best LED panel lights from the best of other lighting tools; the primary reason being it offers a continuous light. A person who indulges in both videography and photography, can completely benefit from this. 

However, various other factors decide the performance of your light panel.

Power Usage

Energy efficiency is a decisive parameter when analyzing LED flat light panels. The whole point of inventing LEDs was to decrease the power consumption yet provide the same amount of light. Apart from reducing your electricity bills drastically, energy-efficient products also decrease the eco-footprint and are better for the environment. 

Life Span

The life span of lights is measured in hours, not in years. Although the initial investment in a flat LED light is heavy, it pays off in the longer run. It lasts longer than a lot of other lighting tools. Longer the lifespan of an LED, the more expensive it is. 

Usually, a cost-effective solution is investing in an LED with a lifespan of around 30,000 hours. If the installation of this light panel in your studio is in a difficult position, you could invest in an LED with a longer lifespan.

Dimmable capability

A lot of these lighting panels come with only an on and off switch. It allows you to use the lighting at its brightest or not at all. Although it is not the easiest machine to develop a dimming mechanism on, the best LED panels come with a dimming capability. This makes life a lot easier. 

With the help of a light control panel or a remote, you can change the brightness of the installed LED. This helps dim your light on shots you don’t need much light on. 

Panel dimensions

As a photographer, the dimensions of the LED flat light panels are extremely important. This decides whether you will be able to carry them around or use them in your studio. The thickness of your light panel also decides how heavy it will be. 

Consider these factors and choose wisely while investing in an LED camera light panel. 

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