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Light Wands/LED Tubes

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Photography Light Wand | Glowing RGB LED Light Stick for Photo Shoot

An Introduction The RGB Light Stick:
If you have been using light wands in your photoshoots, the RGB LED light stick might seem like a boon to you. These light sticks make an exciting tool as its creative lights work best for light painting and adding spectacular lighting effects to your video. 
Just like most photography light wands, these light sticks are highly portable and give you full freedom for movement. LED RGB sticks work on batteries so if you have an outdoor shoot, all you have to do is carry an extra set of batteries and you’re good to go. 
There are different ways to operate an RGB LED light stick, the most common one is holding it in the hand. Another popular way includes mounting it on a stand for a more stable illumination. 
The best part about an LED stick RGB light is they tend to have a bright beam that covers the subject flawlessly. Latest variants of RGB lights come with 200+ separate colors. These colors can be adjusted to get the perfect hue and saturation.  
LED RGB sticks are way more advanced than simple handheld LED lights or wands. Advanced RGB sticks come with a smartphone app that can be used to control the light. So if you wish to make adjustments to the tone, intensity, and hue of the light, you don’t have to get to the light to dial in the settings. You can change it by using the app. 
Some also come with a remote control device that can help you configure the lights. 
Essential Accessories for an RGB light stick:
When using an LED RGB light, there are some accessories that you have to purchase for the light. 

Bag: A carry bag will not only help you in carrying the light to and fro, but will also keep it safe from getting damaged. 
Spare batteries: The staple pair of batteries that you get with the lights might not be enough for a full-day shoot. You will need spare batteries that will replace the ones that are dead.
AC adapter: Not all RGB LED lights work on batteries, some require adapters. 
Barndoor: This might not be an essential accessory for all RGB LED lights, but having a barndoors for a light wand helps the photographer to get more control on the light spread and allow you to get perfect pictures.

  • What are Photography Light Wands?

    Photography Light Wands, often known as light sticks, are lighting tools that emit a continuous source of light. They are an alternative to traditional flashguns and are particularly useful for photographers and videographers. The light emitted can be adjusted in terms of color and intensity, offering a range of creative possibilities.

  • How do LED Tubes differ from traditional lighting methods?

    LED Tubes are designed to provide consistent and adjustable lighting. Unlike traditional bulbs, they are packed with LEDs that can emit a spectrum of colors. This eliminates the need for colored gels, making them more versatile. Additionally, LED Tubes are lightweight, portable, and energy-efficient, making them a preferred choice for many professionals.

  • Why are continuous light sources like Light Wands preferred in videography?

    Continuous light sources, such as Light Wands, offer consistent illumination, which is crucial for videography. They can bring out the shape and form of the subject, set the mood with varied colors, and introduce animated lighting effects. Moreover, they eliminate the need to sync with the camera’s shutter, providing more flexibility during shoots.

  • Are Photography Light Wands and LED Tubes suitable for beginners?

    Absolutely! Both Photography Light Wands and LED Tubes are user-friendly and adaptable. They offer a range of features that can be easily controlled, making them suitable for both beginners and professionals. Their versatility ensures that users can experiment and learn, making them excellent tools for those just starting in the field.