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Pantone Yellow | Bright to Dull Yellow Pantone Shades with Gradient View

Pantone Yellow
The yellow colour is the most vivid and bright colours that are seen. It has the power to immediately grab the attention of the viewers and has a striking effect on them. Psychologically the yellow colour is used to trigger a memory, the post-it stickers which are used to make notes are predominantly seen in yellow colours helping the students or the users remember the notes. The colour comes in different shades and each shade has a different meaning attached to it. The lighter shades signify a luminous outlook, it exudes positivity and even happiness. Closely associated with the sun, the colour yellow is used to depict the sun in paintings seen over the years. The phrase “ray of sunshine” Is associated with a person who brings happiness, the colour yellow is similarly associated with happiness which is linked to this phrase. With all things cheerful, yellow is a colour that is used the mots in the summer spring season in the fashion industry. Furthermore, we shall evaluate the meaning of the different shades of yellow by Pantone.
Pantone Safety Yellow
A strikingly shade of yellow that can’t be missed and is used as a universal sign for caution It is used for its high visibility and unavoidable luminous. It’s a shade of yellow that is seen on products that can be potentially harmful, like chemicals. The warning message is printed on a safety yellow colour block. Warning signs, dangerous machinery use this shade to inform people about the possible misfortune. One may have noticed the yellow warning labels on board games as well, where they inform the users about the smaller game pieces that can cause choking hazards making it unfit for children of a certain age. High visibility clothing for traffic policemen and airport runway workers use this yellow to be seen even during the dark hours of the night.
Pantone Golden Rod
The Golden Rod is a subtle shade of yellow that is used predominantly on web-based applications. The name Golden Rod is derived from the flower-bearing plant what has prominent yellow hues. It symbolises growth and encouragement. Being a sombre shade, it yet signifies a sunny day and a bloom. Like the other yellow shades, this muted shade also brings a sense of positivity. 
Pantone Minion Yellow
Pantone is known for its ability to create new colours that reflect upon the current trends. In the year 2015, Pantone launched a new shade called Minion Yellow that mimicked the colour seen on the popular animated characters. These animated characters were not the prime focus in the Universal Studio movie, but with its growing popularity among the young adults and children led to a movie based predominantly on the Minions and acknowledging the popularity, Pantone launched this colour. The minion Yellow signifies characteristics like the character it is based on. The colour symbolises joy, optimism and glee.
Primrose Yellow Pantone Shade
The Primrose Yellow is a shade that is adopted by the fashion industry especially during the summer spring collection. It Is used for its liveliness and gives the sense of instant warmth. By using this colour in apparels, it triggers the memory of a sunny day by the beach and happy vibes.

What is the Pantone Yellow TCX card used for?

The Pantone Yellow TCX card is primarily used in the fashion and home industries. It provides a cotton swatch of the specific shade, ensuring accurate color representation when translated to fabric. This card is an essential tool for designers to maintain color consistency across various products and designs.

Why is the Pantone Yellow TCX shade considered special?

Pantone Yellow TCX is a vibrant shade that embodies warmth, optimism, and positivity. In design, it can instantly grab attention and evoke feelings of happiness. Its versatility makes it a favorite among designers, whether they’re working on fashion, interiors, or graphic designs.

How does the Pantone TCX range differ from other Pantone ranges?

The Pantone TCX (Textile Cotton eXtended) range is tailored specifically for the fashion and home industries. Unlike other ranges, the TCX cards provide a cotton swatch, ensuring that the color seen is precisely what gets translated to fabric. This accuracy is crucial in industries where even a slight color variation can make a significant difference.

Are Pantone TCX colors environmentally friendly?

Yes, the Pantone TCX range, including the Yellow TCX, is produced with environmental considerations in mind. Pantone focuses on sustainable and eco-friendly designs, ensuring that their colors not only look good but also have a minimal environmental impact.