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Pantone Green | Various Shades of Green Pantone Colors with Trends

Pantone Green
The colour green has been usually referenced as the symbol of nature. Inspired from the green lush beauty, forests, meadows, gardens and grassland, an eco-friendly message is attached with the colour green. Since there are a variety of green shades made available by Pantone, each shade has a different symbolism attached to it and is used in different industries. Following are some of the different shades of green that are available and created by Pantone.
Pantone Greenery
This shade of green had been selected as Pantone’s colour of the year in 2017. It signified a new beginning and a refreshing start. A revitalising shade that is bright is aimed to remind the viewers about spring and summertime when the green lush is enjoyed. A symbolism for the beautiful outsides and is a representation of natural beauty. Psychologically the colour green helps in being decisive and is widely used on several surfaces and product packaging.
Pantone Island Green
The colour is a colour that takes the viewers back to a tropical paradise. This shade of green is fresh and represents calm stillness. The colour green is known to have a relaxing impact on the viewers. The Island green has a similar impact and is used in home décor and wallpapers for interiors. In a doctor waiting room, this shade is predominantly used in the waiting room so it unknowingly has a calming and relaxing effect on the patient.
Pantone Green Flash
The green flash is a shade that is created with a mix of green and yellow as its predominant parent colours. The yellow imparts to the brightness of this shade and adds to the excitement to this colour. The name is derived from the phenomena called green flash that occurs during the sunset and sunrise. This phenomenon is caused by the refraction of sunlight and a flash of the colour green is noticed. When this colour is adorned in the fashion industry it is considered to make a bold statement.
Green Lime Pantone Shade
Green Lime, unlike its name, is not as bright as a lime colour. It is, in fact, more subtle and dull colour and leans more towards the darker side. With a hint of yellow used to create this colour, the green lime is not as dark compared to the other darker green shades. This shade of green is used to give a feeling of economy and wealth. Green is associated with nature but it also gives a sense of greed and jealousy. Green lime is the perfect shade of colour that is associated with money, currency and economy. This green is seen on any game packaging where money and economy come in to play.
Pantone 627c Green Pantone
This dark green colour symbolises sophistication and royalty. It is used immensely in the textile industry and is adorned in lavish fashion garments. This shade of green is even considered to be associated with royalty which makes its use in any textile give a lavish look and feel. From pillowcases, bedsheets, interior decoration accessories, dresses and even men’s suits. This shade being unisex also adds to its fondness among the textile designers.

  • Which Pantone Green Shade has been the color of the year?

    Pantone 15-0343 termed as “Greenery” is the only green shade that has been the color of the year for 2017.

  • How many shades of green are there in Pantone?

    How many shades of green are there in Pantone?