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TCX Swatches

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TCX Swatches

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Pantone TCX Smart Color Swatch Cards | Largest Stock in India

  • What are Pantone TCX colors and how are they different from other Pantone colors?

    Pantone TCX colors are specifically tailored for the textile industry. The ‘TCX’ stands for ‘Textile Cotton Extended’, and these swatches are presented on cotton fabric. This ensures a more accurate representation for textile applications, differentiating them from other Pantone colors that might be used in different industries.

  • Why are Pantone TCX Swatches essential for designers?

    Pantone TCX Swatches offer a standardized system of color representation. This ensures that a color envisioned by a designer is the same when produced, eliminating discrepancies due to varied color interpretations. It provides a universal language of color that is understood globally.

  • How are Pantone TCX colors determined?

    Pantone TCX colors are the result of extensive research, trend analysis, and market evaluations. They reflect current global trends, societal shifts, and even major world events. This ensures that designers have access to contemporary and relevant colors.

  • Are Pantone TCX Swatches only used in the fashion industry?

    While Pantone TCX Swatches are tailored for the textile industry, their application is not limited to fashion alone. They are also used in home furnishings, interior design, and other areas where textile color consistency is crucial.