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Windshields Microphone Wind Protection | Reduce Disturbance & Keep Air off Mic Capsules

Windshields Microphone: The Ultimate Guide

Microphones are an essential tool for various professionals, from musicians to broadcasters. However, achieving clear sound isn’t just about the microphone itself but also about how you protect it from external interferences. One of the primary accessories that play a crucial role in this is the microphone windshield.

What is a Windshield Microphone?

A windshield microphone, often referred to simply as a windshield, is a device designed to shield the microphone from wind noise. It can be made from various materials, including foam, fur, and other specialized materials. These windshields are especially crucial for outdoor recordings where wind can significantly distort the sound.

Why is it Important?

Noise Reduction: The primary purpose of a windshield is to reduce the noise caused by the wind. When wind blows across the microphone, it can cause a rumbling sound, which can ruin the audio quality. A windshield diffuses the wind, ensuring that the sound remains clear.

Protection: Apart from noise reduction, windshields also protect the microphone from dust, moisture, and other elements. This can prolong the life of the microphone and ensure it remains in top working condition.

Improved Audio Quality: With the reduction of wind noise and other interferences, the overall audio quality improves. This is especially important for professionals who rely on clear sound for their work.

Types of Windshields

There are various types of windshields available in the market:

Foam Windshields: These are the most common type and are suitable for a variety of microphones. They are lightweight and offer basic wind protection.

Furry Windshields: Often used for outdoor recordings, these windshields come with a layer of fur, which diffuses the wind more effectively than foam.

Basket Windshields: These are used for high-end recordings. They offer the highest level of wind protection and are often used in professional setups.

Choosing the Right Windshield

When selecting a windshield, consider the following:

Environment: If you’re recording outdoors, especially in windy conditions, opt for a furry or basket windshield.

Type of Microphone: Ensure the windshield is compatible with your microphone. Some are designed for specific models.

Material: The material can affect the sound quality. Foam is suitable for general use, but for professional recordings, consider higher-end materials.

Size: The windshield should fit snugly over the microphone without being too tight or too loose.


A windshield is a small investment that can significantly improve the sound quality of your recordings. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, investing in a good quality windshield can make a world of difference to your audio recordings.

What is the primary purpose of a microphone windshield?

The main purpose of a microphone windshield is to shield the microphone from wind noise, ensuring clear sound. It also offers protection from dust, moisture, and other external elements.

Are foam windshields suitable for outdoor recordings?

Foam windshields offer basic wind protection and are suitable for general use. However, for outdoor recordings, especially in windy conditions, furry or basket windshields are more effective.

How does a furry windshield differ from a foam one?

A furry windshield comes with a layer of fur, which diffuses the wind more effectively than foam. It’s especially useful for outdoor recordings in windy conditions.

Why is it essential to choose the right size of the windshield?

The right size ensures that the windshield fits snugly over the microphone, offering optimal wind protection without affecting the sound quality.